Whether you’re a regular to Brampton Transit or only ride it on occasion, chances are you’ve encountered at least one person who could qualify for a Worst Rider of the Year award — it’s part of the fun of riding public transit after all. Here’s a list of 10 of those people.

1.The Bus DJ

There’s always that one person blasting music out of their speakers or phone so loud, you have to assume that they’ve been hired by the city as the official bus DJ. Otherwise, why else would they think that everyone else on the bus wants to hear their music? Headphones are a small expense these days, ear plugs too for when you’re on the receiving end of things.

2. The Space Invader

These folks have no sense of personal space or any regard for your leg room. They’ll get all up in your grill without batting an eyelash. All up in it!

3. The Front Squatter

These are the folks who cling to the pole at the front like their whole life depends on it and refuse to move to the back no matter how full the bus gets. They just pick their post and man it like Kevin Costner guarding Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard. Yeah, they’d take a bullet for that bus pole.

4. The Loud Talker

Ever met the quintessential loud cell phone talker? Chances are you’ve been on at least a handful of buses with this person. You know about their Tinder date last night, who they’ve just unfriended on Facebook and pretty much their whole life story. You can’t help it, the loud talker generally has no filter and no sense of an indoor voice.

5. The Creep

There’s always that one guy on the bus who thinks it’s perfectly okay to hit on women and disturb a perfectly peaceful bus ride to ask for her number. Spoiler alert: don’t do it, bro!

6. The Seat Hogger

Some people like to use perfectly good bus real estate for their backpacks and purses. Don’t be this person, especially when the bus is full.

7. The Chatty Kathy

Every now and then you’ll meet a person on the bus who has a complete lack of awareness of social cues who will drag out awkward conversations you don’t want to be a part of. Sometimes it’s an adorable senior citizen, but other times it’s a complete crazy who has you contemplating whether you should just pull the ringer early and walk the rest of the way home.

8. The Snacker

Snacker may be a generous way to put it at times, considering there are folks who will bring a four-course meal on the bus and proceed to chow down while sitting beside you. This isn’t usually that bad unless you’ve got a crazy food allergy or are abstaining from carbs and sugar, in which case, watching someone munch on a delicious 12-inch sub or bowl of poutine can be the worst punishment.

9. The Sneaky Litterer

Sometimes the snacker can also play the role of the sneaky litterer. It’s that person who thinks it’s perfectly okay to leave their used Tim Hortons cup or bottle of mystery liquid rolling around the bus. They’re usually pretty stealthy too since no one really notices their littering until the bus starts moving.

10. The Stinker

This stinker(s) regularly grace buses all over the world with their odorous presence, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to riders. It doesn’t make it any less difficult to stand near them, especially on a crowded bus in the middle of summer.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!