14 Signs You Grew Up In Brampton


Whether you’ve flown the coop or are still kicking it here, chances are you’ll be able to relate to any number of these signs that you did indeed grow up in Brampton. (Even if you’d never admit it to your Toronto friends).

1. You were born at Peel Memorial and it will never be known as William Osler to you.

2. You could spell and pronounce Chinguacousy like a boss from the time you could spell your own name.

3. You know Sonny’s has the best classic burger and onion rings in town.

You also know that you’d better bring cash because they don’t take debit.


4. You were devastated–and rightfully so–when they got rid of the arcades at Bramalea City Centre and Shoppers World.

5. You remember when Brampton Transit had double Decker buses.

6. You have enough Sandy Kennedy notepads in your house growing up to last through the zombie apocalypse.

7. You made a point to let every out-of-towner know that Chinguacousy Hill is indeed made of garbage.

8. You or any number of your friends had birthdays at Laser Quest and Discovery Zone. And someone inevitably always forgot to bring socks to DZ, meaning they couldn’t go in.

9. You used to build wicked ramps for your GT snow racer at Major Oaks and Chinguacousy

10. You spent most Canada Days enjoying concerts at the Chinguacousy bandstand, followed by fireworks.

You then spent hours trying to drive out of the area in the massive traffic jam that ensued thereafter.


11. You know Mackay stuffed patties are the bomb diggity.

12. You know what section you grew up in, along with all of your friends.

13. You remember when Bramalea City Centre had Eaton’s, Biway and a coin fountain

14. Birthday? Family outing? Graduation? Yep, those were all celebrated at the Mandarin.

Did we miss any signs? Let us know in the comments below!




  1. LOL This is an amazzzzzimg article I can’t believe I can attest and agree to every single one!!! This is crazy! The Mackay Stuffed Patties are you kidding me!

    A+ Job well done! #iAmABramptonist

  2. “Garbage” is relative. While it was made of waste, it’s the stuff dug from the ground to create basements for Bramalea houses. You can pay companies to take it away, or you can make a hill. Bramalea Limited decided to save money.

    If we had a lake, they likely would have created land, like the Leslie Street Spit in Toronto.

    • Back in the younger days, partying at : Spanky’s
      52nd street, Raxx, Ricky joes, landmark cafe, hot rocks, woody’s at the holiday inn, shield and sword (oh my!)

      • Sonny’s burgers, Bowling ally at the basement of Brampton Mall. Buying pot at European Billiards,down town Brampton. Skating at Century Gardens. Hitching/walking to Heart Lake on Heart Lake road before the 410. Buying hamburgers and fries at Franks Hamburgers at Centennial Mall. Going to Stars Disco. Going to Moon Glow Night club at Queen and Kennedy. Vodden only extended to Heartlake road. Foxes Den. Swimming and Dances at the YMCA. KRT was the only church. Shopping at Bargain Harolds at Centennial Mall. Swimming at the quarries on Heart lake road. The Brampton Hotel- renting a room for personal reasons. Roller skating at Skate Country. Spanky restaurant . CFNY radio station on Kennedy Rd and CHIC Disco

        • KRT was the only church?? There was St.Pauls on Main St across from / near to Gage Park & St Andrews behind 7-11, on Church St. I remember when they built KRT. 😉

  3. Ice skating at the small library rink. By the BCC
    (Now a parking lot)
    Birthday parties at McDonalds
    Going back to your old street and feeling how small it is, back then it seemed so big!!!

    • Amanda – it’s all very well, but “birthday parties at McRottenRonies?” What it Bramptonly about that? Those are doen EVERYWHERE else where there is McD

  4. Professor’s lake
    Swim off the rocks and getting out of the water when the boat coming to tell you that you can not swim there and playing hockey all day and night when the lake would freeze every year

  5. What about riding your BMX bike (or just jumping) off the cliffs at the water hole before it turned into the 410 and a housing development? Or thinking the Mayfield SS was in the boonies? And Club 404 for all ages dances. Going on your first date to the movies at Kennedy and Vodden? Eating fries in carboard boxes on lunch at that place in Centennial mall? Having to book it there and back in grade 7&8 from Gordon Graydon and trying to not be late! Skating parties at Century Gardens. And yeah, stuffed patties still rock!

  6. The Sword and shield was where you wanted to go for your 19th birthday…..shooters on queen street to play pool…. the long ass line up at the McDonald’s on queen street after the bar…… and laser quest was awesome loved that you had that there…..

      • Medusa’s tunnel still exists, although it is far less accessible now. One the BCC side, it just involves hopping a fence to get down into it, although it floods much more than it used to, making a dry passage nearly impossible.

  7. Na this is shite … real Bramptonians did not acknowledge Bramalea existed .. dude go back to the 70’s 80’s major.oaks we tobaganed at Brampton Golf Course Steeles and hwy 10 … Roy Rogers Burgers shoppers world the old line ups ticket master dtown …

  8. Plenty of days and nights having some beers that you got someone to buy and hanging out at ABC pits. That was the best.

  9. Bramptonians know the difference between Bramalea and Brampton……in Bramalea all the streets start with specific letters of the alphabet….I.e if you live in the P section, you live up near Professors lake.

    • Truth! You can definitely tell who didn’t grow up here. They’ll go “huh?” when you say you live in the M section.

  10. It’s turned in to the ball diamonds and skate park now but I remember when the Brampton Fair was held on the old fair grounds

  11. Where is Skate Country??? Lived at Skate Country in my youth and Loved it! Even when my family moved to Mississauga, I still went Roller Skating every weekend some of my most fond teenage memories.

  12. My husband was born and raised in Brampton..we dont live there anymore but he said if you were a Bramptonian you should know that it was the flower town of the world , hence the name with greenhouses such as Dales, and Calverts of whom he is related…..

  13. The Scott’s Chicken Villa at Shoppers World, Mothers Pizza on Queen St. And the tunnels between the City Centre and Chinguacousy Park where the “cool kids” hung out.

  14. You remember when it was still Bramalea and Brampton!!! And you did your best to keep them separate!!! At least we used to get out sidewalks snowplowed.

  15. growing up in brampton Flowertown area I remember all the green houses lines up off McLaughlin Rd until they tore them down to build a row of houses. Late nights at Tony and Jims pizza. Chasing trains on the tracks. Underage parting in the fields. Chris Gibson youth dances. Many late nights at shooters playing pool. Oh the good ole days!!

  16. Bramalea has alphabetical sections. As someone from Brampton says ‘i live in the ‘L’ section’, as a Bramptonite, you know where that is

  17. #1 should be knowing the difference between Brampton and Bramalea! Lol big ups to those who have already mentioned it.

  18. Purple light city. Queens billiards. Fantasia. How about when 4 corners still had 4 banks. Turner and Fenton were 2 different schools. Then Fenton trails were still there. The day that the 410 extended to heart lake Rd. Playing mortal combat at the pool hall at shoppers world. That awesome horror movie section at jumbo video shoppers world. Drinking in the stairwell at city hall. Gateway 6. Delicious pizza at rambler and Kennedy. Climbing the tree to get on the roof of w g Davis. All the old bus terminals at shoppers and city centre. Music plex and drummers choice were not the same place. I could go on but I won’t.

  19. Playing video games at the house of champs, fries and gravy at sonnys, or fish and chips at Kennedy Rd fish and chips. All the farms are gone now, the green houses and smokestacks at the end of vodden St. Jaws at the Brampton odeon or movies at bcc in the basement. Rocky horror picture show at shoppers world.

  20. Agreed to all of the above,plus….
    Local bands in the church basement,hype, etc…..cricket field parties….Hansen(enough said)….watching McDonalds food go from being made to the cars on Kennedy……jumbo video for free popcorn……underground bowling…..dz for parties…..Sunny’s….

    Way too many memories of the good old days. Now all is ruiend and got to move on.

  21. Going to all the old churches downtown btown and starring into those harsh lights to find out what purple city is

  22. For anyone who grew up playing hockey for Brampton/ bramalea I can’t believe no one has mentioned our historical arena memorial the best barn ever built ( been in some Tim Hortons commercials), Victoria park and of course gage park. Everyone from Brampton that can skate has been on a date at good old gage

  23. What. … Nobody remembers FRANKY’S CAVE at Dixie & Arenda…. Only the cool cats walked to the end of the tunnel…
    I was to chicken!! Lol

  24. Ok as a kid who grew up in Bramalea & who’s family has been in Brampton since the late 30 ‘ s, here’s my list (though your list is spot on)
    The bowling alley at the Brampton Mall (my cousin owned it & it was awesome) Murry’s Bakery and their awesome cake displays & their doughnuts were awesome! The Royal Mac burger place at Shoppers World. Joe ‘ s pizza, the greasy goodness. Going to a movie at Gateway 6, then cutting through the field by Aquainis & try not to get caught by the farmer. If you went to MSS then sneaking off campus to eat your lunch in the field across the road & not getting caught by Mr. Danbrook. Or finally getting your license & being able to drive to the McDonald’s in Heartland. Going tobogganing over the frozen creeks by Avondale Plaza. Learning how to skate at the rink at BSS

  25. Who remembers the drive in movies behind Shopper World, Great apple orchards @ West before 410 & Queen & Where Lisa St, is now. Mr T opened Toys are us, IN SINC & Ricky Rudd opened Wall Mart @ Queen & Airport Rd, I heard that Dusty Springfield stayed in Bramalea, Also did the Dali Lama, The Happy Hooker. The Olympics torch along Queen St, also Terry Fox came along Queen st . As I remember getting out the car with my family on the way to my vacation in cottage country we got out 3 times to put all our loose change plus some paper in the collection box. I saw a huge barn on fire @ where the 410 & Queen st is now, north side. IGA store on Avondale, used to deliver your groceries to your home in cardboard boxes, no charge. I used the Bramalea Library out of the wagon , by the side of the doctors office @ 40 Bramalea rd. I still think that the traffic lights in Brampton/ Bramalea should be synchronized to suit the traffic smooth flow. The only way to combat it is to go at least 20 klms faster or crawl along at 20 below in order to access all green lights and harass all the people behind you. I miss Susan the mayor.

  26. It’s great seeing all these things brought up and discussed. I’m sitting here wondering which of you lot got to grow up with my dad and his siblings as so many of these stories and places sound familiar.

    Bramalea and Brampton. Not the same anymore.

    Cheers from the Weirs

    • Bob here,i went to school with Scott.i think he lived in the “H” section? he and i both hung out in the AV Dept. at North Park S S

  27. Remember the movie theatres at the Bramalea City Centre! Professors lake – swimming off rocks, McKay pizza, rec centre dances for the younger crowds , Club 404, in brampton………fast forward a bit:
    Ponderosa, The Druket Duck (spelling?),Donnelley’s Pub!

  28. If you ever worked at the Bramalea City Center or stay in the mall until closing time. You would remember the song they would play when the mall is closing. Bramalea, Bramalea City Center. Not sure if they still play it

    • :/ grrr…after soooo many years i thought i had forgotten that stupid song…but thnx for bring a smile to my face…anyone remember Miracle Beaucoup grocery upstairs?

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  30. You for got Gage park best out door skating rink and band stand ,wade pool for little kids and Rock from New Foundland and last the Thunderbird hotel….

  31. Old Aquinas. .. New Aquinas and flaming corn in the field as you took the short cut to McDonald’s. .. When John Newman now Cardinal Newman was a Highschool and elementary school. Best french fries from Southgate. The E section… double decker buses… the weird silver coloured tubes that hung from the Bramalea City Centre ceiling…
    Sledding down the “back side” of Chingacousey.
    The smell of Sarah Lee cakes mmmm.
    The giant rocking chair at Queen & Torbram.
    The old speed bumps at KMART parking lot.
    Ah the memories.
    Can u tell I grew up in BRAMALEA!

  32. Maybe I’m just old but you didn’t mention going to Scotts Chicken Villa for all you could eat KFC after 10 times down the water slides at Shoppers World.

  33. I remember when Sheridan College was at the corner of Church and Center Streets. I attended there in 1976- 1977, when they moved to the new facility at Steeles and McLaughlin Rd.

    • remember when some of them were really just mini vans?sometimes it was like just you and your very own Chauffeur…how awesome was that for a kid?!!! 🙂

    • My husband and I met working at O’Tooles Shoppers World….25 years later still going strong. And before him I was at Vic Park every Thursday too!

  34. No one has mention when Rutherford Road would end at Bruce Beer Drive. It was a court and nothing but farm land. This was about 1983 when they extended it.

    Also no mention of the jogging along top of the old corrys. There was a nice jogging path.

  35. No one has mentioned when Rutherford Road would end at Bruce Beer Drive. It was a court and nothing but farm land. This was about 1983 when they extended it.

    Also no mention of jogging along top of the old corrys. There was a nice jogging path.

  36. Roller skating at Skate Country which is now Bingo Country. Movie theatres at BCC and Shoppers World. “Rocky Horror Picture Show” at midnight on Saturdays at Shoppers World. Heart Lake Road was a dirt road.

  37. Vodden was a dirt Rd. We weren’t allowed to play there
    Greenhouses everywhere
    CHIC radio gave out “peace” sign stickers
    Odeon was downtown just north of The Four Corners
    Drive in before Shoppers World was there
    Bartley Bull was one of the Bull brothers from Bull Dairies
    Friday night public skates at Memorial had about 300 kids on the ice
    The Queen visited in 1969(?)

  38. And if you went to Lazer Quest for your birthday and it was too busy…. Ur parents moved ur party next door to the putting edge……Good times.

  39. Partying on the flats where the 410 is now. Taking the extremely long drive to the Snelgrove flea market. When BCC had fountains at each end (The Bay, Eatons), with giant tin foil roll ceilings. Going to O’Malley’s(sp.?) which was the old Police station turned into a bar. Performing at Hotrocks. Eating cheap wings at CCs.

  40. When I migrated from England to a new job at Northern Electric on Dixie Rd (in 1966) they booked us at the Sword & Shield on Queen St when it was a motel. (before the strip clubs). We ate at the A&W next door and played miniature golf for about 3 weeks straight. I walked to work until I met someone there who picked me up until I bought my first Canadian car, a 1964 Chev Bel Air. Later years I remember having to buy 6 draft beers at a time downstairs at the S & S because the glasses were so small. Happy Days. Even better my two beautiful daughters were born in Peel Memorial and are therefore true Bramptonians but we did live in the D and then the J sections of Bramalea. In the J section a girl in our street, Shelley Jardine later did modeling and I have a Ronnie Hawkins record with Shelley as “Mary Lou” sitting in a 50’s convertible on Ronnie’s “Hello Mary Lou” LP. It was fun reading all the previous posted memories, but ZI didn’t see any mention of Sheridan College near Shopper’s World.

  41. Hanging out at 7 11 at Williams pkwy and Dixie until cops came and kicked us out of parking lot and the Brampton transit buses with the big pink B on them. Everything else is bang on. Especially the water slides at shoppers world and marks and Spencer’s.

  42. Two things I remember quite clearly when I was younger.

    1. We all used to hang out at the Wizard’s Castle in Bramalea City Centre until we ran out of money and gt asked to leave.

    2. Century Billiards just opened and they had video game terminals in the back and just a couple pool tables in the front.

  43. watching Bramalea Blues hockey games…riding our bikes out to Churchville in summer and swimming in the Credit… yikes…hitchhiking to first camping trip to Forks of Credit…Newfie night at Brampton hotel….

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  45. Everyone remembers the waterslides at Shopper’s World but no one seems to recall the big SHIP in SW that kids could play on/in. It was sooo much fun!

  46. The movie theatre at Bramalea City Centre. The food court when it was downstairs near the front of the mall and they had the Patti Man stand there. Also Consumer Distributing where you would fill out a form from a catalogue of items and they would bring it up to the front. And the best greasy, cheesy pizza from McKay Pizza and the stuffed patties with lettuce and cheese. And can’t forget the jug city in the same plaza. And the Kentucky Fried Chicken at the corner of Torbram and Queen. You could smell the chicken from a mile away sooo good. and the pop shop at the Hasty Market.

    • jeez,i am really dating myself now,but my first part-time job in high school was at Consumers Distributing…always headed over to Sonny’s after work for a burger and coke 🙂

  47. Brampton bramalee was a wonderfull place to raise your family in the seventies and on lots of things for the kids to do and parents I will always have fond memories of living their

    • The dances were fundraisers put on by The Single Parents club & The Over 40’s Solo’s club. My mom was a member & voluteered as treasurer, so she collected the money at the door of the dances & did the yearly accounting… the monies collected funded monthly events (Lion safari, zoo, ice follies, bowling, halloween & Christmas parties) for the members’ kids.

  48. This is for anyone who’s born in 1995+
    Who else remembers the “Club on queen”. Or remember that what is now Canadian Tire distribution was just a HUGE Canadian Tire back in the days. Also the Medusa tunnel. The old but terminal at BCC and shoppers world. Remember when the gore road was allllllll farm land, I remember going to the temple (Hindu Sabah) and on special occasions they would do helicopter rides. The arcade at BCC! The price shoppers when it was attached to BCC. The random circus fairs that would take place at the parking lots what is now the Starbucks plaza. And my dad remembers the 1970 plane crash that happened on mcvean & castlmore.

  49. I remember when bcc was a corn field &the same shoppers world a corn field, the Canadian tire gas bar at queen &Kenedy having my first burger at sonny’s in 1965 when it opened, working at the dominion at queen and Kenedy for 80 cents an hr a he there was nothing north of Queen st but farm land ,population of Brampton 22 ,000 and bramalea was 10,000 ,flowertown dairy delivered milk to your front door ,moved out in Feb to KW yes I miss the old towns

  50. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added
    I get three emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Appreciate it!

  51. Growing up in Brampton I remember the pop shop. Also remember going to memorial arena to watch Lacrosse.
    Walking to Towers to go shopping at main and vooden street.
    Glendale public school when it was a school that was k-grade 8.
    And the best thing ever was club 404 the underage dance club. The only thing to do if you were under 18.
    Foxes den was always an interesting night.

  52. Anyone from Brampton remember when A & P grocery store put all of your groceries in green bins and pushed them on a belt outside to the car!!! Just remembered that. Ha ha

  53. The bowling alley at Avondale Plaza.The fish n chips joint in same plaza . The A&W on Queen Street- placing your order by microphone while sitting parked in your car, food brought to you, on rollerskate if I’m not mistaken..
    Born and bred in the B section… Bedford Crescent for 22 years

  54. How about playing soccer on the Northern Electric fields, when Trudeau landed at Vic Park and the police station was a house on Balmoral. Shagging by a car’s rear bumper to Birchbank school when it first opened. And playing at BCC when it was being built. Or picking chestnuts at Dixie and Queen, Chassel’s pit and the apple orchards at Clark and Dixie. Or Max Webster at Century Gardens.

  55. Here are my memories of Brampton from a 60’s & 70’s girl

    Downtown Brampton – Shopping at the Beamish and Chainway Department stores. How about the Stripe Discount Store whose floor going to the back seemed to be on a slight uphill angle. Going early to the Odeon to try and get a seat on the balcony to watch the movies. I saw Jaws 3 times at this theatre. The Wee Smoke Shop which was beside the theater back then. You didn’t want your parents to find you in there. It’s still downtown but in a different location. Wong’s Chinese/Perk’s Diner/Satellite Restaurant – all great places to get something to eat after a movie. Or Murray’s Bakery who had the best baked goods ever (except Mom’s). Next door to Murray’s was the Times & Conservator Newspaper (later the Daily Times).

    Rosalea Park – If you lived in Brampton, you did something at Rosalea. There was always something to do or watch there. Swimming in the outdoor pools. Ice skating or roller skating in the arena. Watching or playing hockey in the arena. Watching or playing baseball at the 2 diamonds. There always seemed to be a baseball game or tournament going on there all the time. Playing tennis at the Brampton Tennis Club. It still looks the same except for the addition.

    Brampton Mall – The first mall to be built in Brampton. It had the big Woolworth’s store at the one end and us kids always loved going there and getting something to eat or drink at the lunch counter. At the other end was Steinberg’s Grocery store which has changed names over the years and is now Metro. Remember going with my Dad to the LCBO that was there him filling out an order form, handing it in and someone getting his bottle from the back and putting it in the brown bag. It’s like you were buying something that was to be kept secret. And in the middle of the mall and downstairs was Crystal Bowling Alley. Went to many birthday parties there. Guest hardware store had anything and everything you could imagine. They closed a few years back but until then if you went in it mostly looked the same and I’ll bet that some of the things on the shelves had been there for many years. If you needed parts for something very old, you could be sure to find it there. On the other side of the road was the Drive-In A & W. I worked there as a Carhop/Waitress for 2 years. Had a blast. Meeting lots of people bringing the food out to their car on a tray. And no – we did not wear roller skates – contrary to belief. After the dances at Centennial, Central Peel or Turner/Fenton the parking lot would be full as well as the indoor eating area. Never any real trouble, just good times with good friends.

    Shoppers World – Our first really really big mall. It had everything in one place. Introducing us to the big city stores. K-Mart & Simpson’s among them. Bought all my jeans from Thrifty’s before it became Blue Notes. Went to many movies ant the theater here. It later became a Jumbo Video or something like that. Who could forget the Big Boy Restaurant or Roy Rogers. When Shoppers World first opened the Drive In theatre next door was still there. There was the Indoor Water Slide

    Bars and Pizza – The only two that I can remember from early on are the Thunderbird (T-Bird) and Shield & Sword (S&S). Later there was Stars, Spanky’s, Hooterville Station, Henry’s. There was a bar at Shoppers World that had bands but I can’t remember the name. Someone please let me know the name. Oh I forgot about the Place de Royale on Rambler & Kennedy. Fun times. Joe’s Pizzeria on McMurchy was great back in the day and is still there today. The best pizza ever was Queen’s Pizza. I would die for a slice of that pizza heaven again. Today, Mackay’s pizza is right up there. Downtown Brampton had Vesuvios (where I got my first underage drink) and it’s still there today but more upscale than back then. Does anyone remember the Black Castle Restaurant at Centennial Mall So dark inside.
    The best burgers in town can only be Sonny’s (50+ years and it hasn’t changed) Good Food – No Gimmicks. I used to love the Joger’s Fish & Chips on Dean Street. My mouth is watering thinking of all the good food I can no longer get.

    Hockey Town – Remember when Brampton was a Hockey Town. Lion’s Tournament, Silver Stick, Candadettes. Saw Gretzky play at Memorial – I think that was the Lion”s tournament. Probably Novice or Pee Wee (can’t remember). The place was sold out and standing room only just to see him play. We used to have 2 Junior B teams (Capitals and the Blues) and they’re both gone. And what happened to our Brampton Battalion – so sad (so glad they are flourishing in North Bay). but I would love to be going to one of their games. On sports we also were a great lacrosse town. Go Excelsiors. Memorial arena was the place to be.

    Bramalea – Had cousins who lived in the B section of Bramalea so we spent a lot of time there visiting and having fun. Skating at Victoria Park Arena, Bowling at Avondale Bowl I don’t remember exactly where we went but we had a great time toboganning somewhere over that way. Going to Bramalea SS football games. Who remembers the Dial A Bus. That was just after the Bramalea City Centre was built cause that’s where we took the bus to (when it was raining of course) I loved the City Centre – great stores. Eaton’s and Simpson’s at the time. Miracle Beaucoup (early version of Superstore) you could buy everything here. This is still my favourite mall for shopping but not the crowds that are there now.

    Around Town This and That – Who remembers the tin roofed Bi-way on McMurchy or the Tower’s at McLaughlin. These were great stores and the Tower’s also had a Lunch counter. The 2 annual fairs at Memorial Arena (Summer & Fall). Great fun!!! Loved the Crock & Block and before that was there, there was a Burger Chef. Beside the S & S was another A & W and they had a Mini Golf there. McDonald’s on Queen after the dances at Central Peel Brampton Bowl on Beech Street. There was a restaurant at the Civic Centre (British themed) that our parents to us to for birthday celebrations, etc.. Does anybody remember the name of it.

    Had a great time going down memory lane and sharing with you. Look forward to coming back to this site to see new updates with old memories.

    The best thing about Brampton in those days was that you pretty much knew or knew of everybody in town and could count on them when you needed.

    Wishing the people of big city Brampton could behave like the people of small town Brampton.

    Those were the day’s

  56. anyone remember when heart lake road was single lane traffic all the way up to Queen street? we use to ride our bikes and hang at the Texaco station right at the NW corner…that old electronics factory across from North Park S S was a GOLD MINE!!! cops always chasing us to get outta there!!! best part was finding the cars buried in concrete…always luv seeing that bug up on the sign of V-World too…

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  58. Anyone remember Frank Vetteres on Queen St. Vic Tany also on Queen.Landmark on Kenny best Wings in Brampton.Good old safe Brampton.

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