If you’re really in the mood to treat bae or you’re looking to knock that first date out of the park, you’ve got to be prepared with an arsenal of reliable restaurants. We’ve got your back! Here are 18 restaurants in Brampton you can use to wow your date.

Aria Bistro 

Charming and rustic, situated inside an historic house, Aria is a top choice in Brampton for a romantic date. It’s earned its reputation by putting out spectacular food, and the atmosphere is unbeatable. (485 Main Street N)


Vesuvio’s has been serving the Brampton community homey Italian cooking for decades. It recently closed to renovate after a flood and opened back up looking better than ever, with the spacious dining room showing off a modern flare. Its proximity to Gage Park makes it the ideal restaurant if you’d like an after-dinner stroll somewhere scenic. (91 George Street S)


This 5-star Indian restaurant by Indian celebrity chef Ranveer Brar knows how to do opulent and classy. The restaurant has imported ceilings and murals with intricate hand-carved details. It’s a beautiful restaurant and an ideal spot for a sit-down dinner, but its spectacular bar makes it a great place to just grab drinks, too. (200 County Court Boulevard)


With its romantic lighting and cozy atmosphere, Firangi has the right kind of ambiance for a romantic night out. Its menu of small plates is a great way for test driving various dishes without being too invested. The menu is packed with tons of different flavour profiles, so there’s bound to be at least one thing you and your date like. (2880 Queen Street E)

J. Red & Co

Celebrity Chef Jason Rosso knows how to do restaurants right, so you won’t ever be disappointed by the food here. J. Red regularly revamps its menu, and frequent selections range from steak and burgers, to chicken and waffles, to Rosso’s signature dish the Thai Fighter. The dining room has a rustic, warm vibe. (341 Main Street N)

Queen Gypsy Pub

This little pub in downtown Brampton serves up Eastern European comfort fare. The lights are dim and the restaurant has an eclectic look—it’s named Queen Gypsy after all. Your date will thank you for suggesting the perogies, they are to die for. (10 Main Street S)

Carve on Lot 5

In summer months, the best feature of this downtown restaurant is its romantic rooftop patio. The interior of the restaurant is nothing to scoff at either: it’s in an historic building that still retains some of its old elements, making it romantic and cozy, yet modern and hip. (15 Main Street N)

Khana Sutra

Khana Sutra brings together Indian cuisine with live music. The ambiance is classy enough for a date but also comfortable. Take in the menu and whatever live act is hitting the stage when you’re there. (2452 Queen Street E)

La Capannina

La Capannina boasts a cozy vibe, making it perfect for the couple seeking some privacy. It’s low key, and its menu of home classic Italian dishes is loved and enjoyed by many. (21 George Street N)


Fanzorelli’s has had its skin in the Brampton restaurant game for a long time, and it has grown to be a crowd favourite. You won’t find another restaurant like it in Brampton—its archways, rustic brick and murals are just so unique. The menu is always delicious, and the wine list is extensive. (50 Queen Street W)


Located inside Turnberry Golf Club on Heart Lake Road, NINE18 is perfectly located to look out onto the greens. In summer months you can catch the sunset through its massive floor-to-ceiling windows. There’s a great outdoor patio too if you’d like a little privacy before or after dinner. (10100 Heart Lake Road)

Sushi House

Fans of Japanese food will enjoy dining on sake and sashimi at this downtown spot. The atmospherically lit, romantic setting has a bunch of little nooks and crannies so you can enjoy a bite and a decent bit of privacy for canoodling. (135 Main Street N)

Cantina Fellini

This intimate, cozy wine bar in downtown Brampton serves up traditional Italian and French cuisine by a chef with a wealth of experience under his belt. They usually have special multi-course menus for Valentine’s Day and other occasions. Menu items include lobster, rack of lamb, an Angus striploin and more. Foodies, get in formation. (35 Main Street N)


Brar’s is a solid option for Indian food any day, but what sets it apart is its ambiance. The restaurant’s opulence is unmatched by most other Indian restaurants in the city, making it a great option for a date. (2969 Bovaird Drive East #1 and 140 Great Lakes Drive #126)


Calling all lovers of dessert, which is basically everyone, because who doesn’t love dessert? Demetre’s is the perfect stop for something sweet after dinner, or it can be the main event. Their crepes and waffles are perfect for sharing. (50 Peel Centre Drive #111)


This spot is the only premium Jamaican restaurant and bar in Brampton. Enjoy island flavours beautifully plated, and get close in a booth or chat at one of its hightop tables. The seafood dishes get rave reviews, especially the snapper. (30 Kennedy Road S)

Golden Stool

Golden Stool brings together Ghanaian cooking and French technique. The menu is bursting at the seams with flavour and the vibe is somewhere between upscale and casual. Sometimes there’s live music and comedy, so you may be able to enjoy some entertainment with your meal. (21 Nelson Street W #5)

The Keg

This steakhouse has been a Canadian staple for decades, and it’s a pretty reliable choice. The steaks and prime rib are undoubtedly delicious, and who can resist the warm bread that’s served up before the meal? They also have a pretty great cocktail menu, too. (46 Peel Centre Drive and 70 Gillingham Drive)