This 5 Pound Sandwich in Brampton is Glorious and Terrifying


As far as sandwiches in Brampton go, there are some pretty solid places to grab a good one, but JB’s Street Meat has completely changed the game.

The restaurant opened in late 2016, bringing with them a menu of delicious smoked meats, sandwiches, ribs and a bunch more. It was a welcomed arrival, after RD’s Southern BBQ moved to Mississauga, leaving a pretty gaping hole in the city’s pulled pork/brisket offerings.

JB’s menu includes the Jax Attack, a sandwich to rival all others. Picture two double bacon grilled cheese sandwiches. Sounds like a delicious meal right? Well, that’s just the outer layer of the sandwich that holds everything else together.

The sandwich isn’t for the faint of heart. It also has two bacon cheeseburgers, a half pound of smoked pulled pork, pico de gallo, coleslaw, onion rings and an egg. That isn’t even counting the 3 pounds of fries that comes with the meal.

Check it out below.


Very few people have taken on this beast. alone. Think you can do it? Check out JB’s Street Meat at 47 Kennedy Rd North.