Over the decades this particular portion of Bramalea City Centre (BCC) has played host to a number of once fruitful, but eventually failed, retail chains, including Eaton’s, Zellers and most recently Target. Currently it’s being used as a passage into the mall, while the rest of the space stays empty. As a prime location in the mall, it seems only fitting to open something epic. Here are a few things that we would love to see go in this spot.

Dave & Buster’s or Playdium

Brampton doesn’t have any sort of arcades or huge entertainment centres that offer things for a wide variety of people. A Dave & Buster’s would cater to the adult crowd with its arcade games, televisions for sports and access to beer! Playdium is another great option and this location could be a great miniature version of it.

A Movie Theatre

Movie theatres attached to malls aren’t a new thing. In the past few years BCC has transformed into a great place to not only shop but to dine as well. Why not create the full experience by providing a place for entertainment too? Catching a movie after dinner and shopping is always a winning choice.

Urban Ikea

The bane of every Ikea-loving Bramptonian’s existence is having to drive to Vaughan and Etobicoke on a Saturday to enjoy some leisurely shopping and cheap frozen yogurt. Ikea recently opened a pick-up-point store in London where customers can order products online and simply pick them up at the location. They also offer computers to browse the online selection and a small selection of items for immediate purchase. The old Target location would be perfect for this sort of setup.

Apple Store

It’s a pipe dream, but hey, it’s a dream, right? It would be nice to have Apple tech support in the city instead of having to make the trek to Mississauga. It wouldn’t be a bad thing for BCC’s other merchants either since Apple has a well-known rep for increasing sales at stores in the same mall.


Marshall’s — the American equivalent of Winners — broke onto the Canadian scene a couple of years ago, but still hasn’t made an appearance in Brampton. All of the three Winners stores in Brampton have been known to have a decent — but not great — selection. We’d love to see a Marshall’s here in town.

What do you think should replace the old Zellers/Target at BCC? Let us know in the comments below.