7 emotions you’ll experience the first time you see Brampton’s Monster House

What’s that blocking the sun? Is it a bird, or a plane? No, just a giant monstrous blue house. The first time you ever set your eyes on the hulking blue home, Bramptons’s very own pièce de résistance, you’ll probably go through a whirlwind of emotions. Not to worry, we’ve rounded them up so you’re fully prepared for the experience.

 1. You probably won’t believe your eyes at first

One minute the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, and the next all that’s good in the world is gone. No you aren’t hallucinating, that really is a giant ass blue house.

2. Shock will very quickly turn to complete and utter confusion

Like dafuq is this thing and who thought it was a good idea?12987009_10208816911318100_7276638358409757558_n

3. You might even get a little bit angry

Or rather, you’ll be angry for the people who have to see this thing every time the look out their windows.
meme2 copy

4. And you’ll probably cry a little bit inside too

Those property values, oh god, not the property values.
sam_0474 copy

5. You’ll try to reason with yourself

Maybe Morticia and the gang are moving in

or maybe…

it’s the zombie apocalypse and you didn’t get the memo. There has to be a plausible explanation, there just has to be!13010618_1575502002762607_4670251107314346001_n

Source: Brampton Memes

6. You’ll be hopeful, but only for a second

Should someone light a match while no one’s looking? Maybe bulldoze it? Just get Sandy Kennedy on the phone? If anyone can fix this, it’s Sandy!12993418_1575498662762941_1767754894639036562_n

Source: Brampton Memes

7. You’ll come to the startling realization that there’s nothing you can do

That big blue monstrosity is all up in everyone’s grill.

All.sam_0474Up.3In it.4

And it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon as the case goes through the courts. On the plus side, it’s attracting out-of-towners. Maybe Brampton can spin a profit from visits with Monster House keychains and t-shirts.

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