7 Music Videos That Were Shot in Brampton

With so much music and film talent popping up in Brampton it won’t be long before you can take an all-encompassing, cross-genre musical tour of the city through music videos. Here are a handful of completed projects to get you started. For some Brampton-born artists, it’s a natural choice to turn the lens on their city to promote a single, while other artists have pitched their sets here as well.

1. Keshia Chanté – “Does He Love Me?”

We’ll start the list off with a throwback, Ottawa native and Canadian RnB icon Keshia Chanté teamed up with the famous Brampton-born Director X in the early 2000’s to shoot the video for “Does He Love Me?” While it’s hard to figure out where it’s shot, it’s a standard parking-lot dance party video, The Brampton Film Office assures us it’s right here in Brampton. 


2. Fateh – “Fame” ft. The PropheC

Canadian rapper Fateh along with The PropheC give the Rose theater a gritty veneer while ripping the apart the trivial nature of fame as a defining factor for success. The video, directed by Mississauga firm The Archery Club, casts the usually bright and cheerful downtown venue in a dark tone to match the track.


3. Alessia Cara – “I’m Yours”

Brampton’s Alessia Cara keeps it real with her Brampton-based shoot for “I’m Yours” directed by herself with the help of a selfie stick and her brother Dario in a supporting role as a creepy stalker tracking her down her block. It’s style she’s demonstrated with some of her other tracks such as “Four Pink Walls” and “Outlaws”, both shot in her Brampton home.


4. Alessia Cara – “Wild Things”

Cara’s love for her hometown doesn’t stop with her self-directed projects. 2016’s mega hit “Wild Things” got the full Def Jam treatment with a gorgeous video shot in and around the GTA. Despite the upswing and production, the video kicks and ends off with a few scenes in her neighbourhood.


5. Serena – “Gangster In Space”

Anyone familiar with the laser tag scene will recognize the Glow Zone which serves as the backdrop for Brampton-born Serena’s track “Gangsta In Space.” The humorous piece will flood most Bramptonians with glow-in-the-dark nostalgia.


6. Shawn Mendes – “Something Big”

Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes, along with the Western University Marching band made a pit stop in Brampton to film the video for smash hit “Something Big.” The video, which is a whole ensemble parading through a Brampton neighbourhood to take in fireworks, debuted in 2014.


7. Derin Falana – “BET”

We reported on Falana’s stop to Brampton last summer to shoot his video for “BET”. Though it’s worth a re-watch. The track, off of his Live From Rocky Mountain mix tape casts iconic burger place Sonny’s in black and white, catches shots from the surrounding Queen and Kennedy area and even throws in drone footage to boot.