Some restaurants we’d like to see open in Brampton are already popular elsewhere, most notably Toronto with its endless landscape of food options. From burgers and ice cream cones, to BBQ and ramen, here’s what we’d like to see open in Brampton in 2018.

Burger’s Priest

This popular Toronto-based chain specializing in delicious diner-style burgers and fries has popped up in Mississauga, Barrie and elsewhere. Their fresh, grass-fed lineup of beef burgers are a hit in other cities, and no doubt would quickly become well-loved in Brampton too.

Sweet Jesus

This popular Toronto ice cream parlor–that regularly sports lineups out the door–offers soft serve and dipped cones, as well as espresso and affogato. Their tricked-out cones are the main attraction, and with flavours like Rocky Road Rage (a mashup of chocolate, burnt marshmallow, chocolate sauce and crunchy cashews) it isn’t hard to see why. They also offer paletas (a Mexican popsicle) and churros. Who can say no to that?

Chako BBQ

Brampton has lacked a Korean BBQ restaurant for too long. This AYCE spot has locations in Toronto, Richmond Hill and Scarborough. Here’s hoping Brampton is on their radar.

Panera Bread

This fast casual bistro has fast become popular in Southern Ontario because of its delicious and healthy options. The menu has lots of options — from soups and salads, to sandwiches and pasta. There’s always a pretty wide selection of baked goodies so you can treat yourself now and again, too. Currently, the closest locations for the chain are in Mississauga, much to the disappointment of basically anyone who likes food. Hey Panera Bread, can we get a little love here in Brampton?

Kinton Ramen

Brampton has been missing out on real ramen (not the instant Mr. Noodles kind) without a dedicated joint serving it up. The city is littered with Vietnamese pho restaurants, so it isn’t a far stretch to assume Bramptonians would enjoy the flavourful broth, delicious toppings and noodles found in authentic ramen. Kinto has six locations in Toronto alone–and one in Montreal–and Brampton will happily take their 8th location right here.


Trying to find vegan and vegetarian food in Brampton is like looking for needles in a haystack. You’ll find some options on menus across the city, but there are no restaurants dedicated to non-South Asian vegetarian and vegan eating. Small chain Fresh offers salads, rice bowls, burrito bowls and more. Their menu options run the gamut of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and wheatless, so there’s no doubt this restaurant would make a fantastic addition to Brampton’s food scene. They’d also save a lot of vegan and veg eaters all the time they spend commiserating about the lack of options.

Banh Mi Boys

There are a couple of restaurants in town that serve this hybrid sub, which is derived from French colonial influences on Vietnam. Banh Mi Boys takes this classic to a whole new level, serving up 10 different varieties on fresh baguette or in a bun. Their five spice pork belly and duck confit are just two of those delicious options.

La Carnita

Brampton’s one and only authentic Mexican restaurant was the latest casualty of restaurant closings in the city’s core, so we’re back to a handful of burrito joints when it comes to this type of cuisine. The menu at this popular Toronto spot with four locations has the classics as well as some contemporary takes. Were they to open in Brampton, you can expect Mexican street corn, Chorizo meatballs and their amazing fish tacos — all standards at their other locations.

What restaurants would you like to see in Brampton? Let us know in the comments.