Alectra Utilities, the supplier of electricity to residents in Brampton and Mississauga is warning the public of a new scam that’s been circulating to customers.

Customers may receive text messages claiming to be from Alectra, which state they have a credit waiting for them. The message says in order to claim the credit, the customer must click on a link. The link redirects to a page that asks them to choose their financial institution and to supply sensitive information, revealing itself to be a phishing scam.

Alectra says the message is fraudulent and customers should absolutely not click on it. The company says it never sends credit alerts through text message and that customers should never provide their Alectra account number, credit card information or banking information in response to any text message.

The company says that anyone receiving the text message can report it to the Alectra Utilities customer service department during regular business hours. If you’ve fallen victim to the scam, you should report it to the police right away.