Beer now available at select Brampton grocery stores

Brampton was completely omitted from the grocery beer game when 60 stores across the province received authorization to begin selling six packs in early December.

A handful of locations were scattered across Mississauga, Georgetown and other nearby cities like Milton, but Brampton was left pretty much a beerless wasteland, when it came to grocery store sales anyway.

But the beer gods are finally smiling down. Though the city was excluded from the lucky list of first-round draft picks, we now officially have grocery stores selling beer!

You can now grab a six-pack, or two, at Metro’s Trinity Commons branch, located at 20 Great Lakes Drive.

As Ontario continues to roll out beer sales and give authorization to over 150 more locations across the province by mid-2017, one can only hope they’ll throw Brampton a few more!

Here’s to stocking up for the zombie apocalypse!