With the fall season upon us, we say our sweet goodbyes to summer. We prepare to change our aesthetic, and as the leaves change colours we go apple-picking, drink pumpkin spice lattes, wear cozy sweaters, and find autumn-appropriate activities. Whether you’re an Instagram addict or a professional photographer, we’ve come up with five places for you to capture autumn and all of its fiery-hued goodness. 

Heart Lake Conservation Area

The area is known for its tree-to-tree zip-lining, tree trekking, and hiking trail. Along with other outdoor activities it’s a great site to catch those autumn action shots.

Etobicoke Creek Trail

There’s plenty of nature to see throughout this trail that connects Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga, and Toronto. The scenic environment makes it the perfect place to capture the all of that fall foliage, and of course the creek itself.

Gage Park

With the Etobicoke Creek Trail entrance so close to downtown Brampton, it would be convenient to start your day at Gage Park. It’s a great location for all things autumn! Along with being a popular spot in Brampton for various events and activities throughout the year, the park is a family friendly attraction with children’s playground, gazebo, and small circular walking trail (which becomes the skating trail in the winter).

Eldorado Park

Located beside the Port Credit River, Eldorado Park is another scenic recreational park in Brampton. Whether it’s taking a walk along the river bank or having a picnic with the family, taking an afternoon to spend quality time in nature with your camera makes this park is time well spent. 

Chinguacousy Park

Much like Gage Park, Chinguacousy Park is a family friendly spot with plenty of places to take fall photos. Family activities include the petting zoo, a playground, barn, outdoor trail, ponds, and greenhouse to name just a few. Take your fall family photos throughout this park, because it does not lack options.

Feel free to visit any of these locations throughout the season to take your Instagram photos, Boomerangs, and maybe a Snapchat or two. Better yet, grab your DSLR camera and discover beautiful areas in the city, and you can highlight the beauty of Brampton in the fall.