You never know what you’ve been missing until you find it, and when butter chicken found fusion, we rejoiced. This is a list of the best re-imagined butter chicken dishes in Brampton.

Firangi Butter Chicken Fries

Firangi’s Butter chicken fries ($10) exist at the intersection of fun and food. These crisp, tender fries are coated with a generous dose of gravy and soft pieces of chicken. They melt in your mouth and leave a spicy kick that will keep you reaching back for more.

Dare to Be Fresh Butter Chicken Poutine

You’ve gotta be “poutine” this on your list. Cheese, curds, gravy and butter chicken all in one bowl. The Butter Chicken Poutine ($8) at Dare to Be Fresh is bowl of hand cut, well-seasoned fries smothered in gravy, loaded with butter chicken, and ready to give you the best taste of Indo-Canadian fusion.

J. Red & Co Butter Chicken Nachos

A gravy so good you can dip anything into it. That’s what the folks at J. Red & Co decided to do with their Butter Chicken Nachos ($16). The blend of butter chicken with fresh salsa it a good twist of light and creamy. It is mild so even your spice-averse pals can dig in, and it’s the perfect shareable meal

Rick’s Good Eats Butter Chicken Samosas and Butter Chicken Mac and Cheese

OK we are cheating a bit. This is just over the border in Mississauga, but Rick is a Brampton boy and he made history with his butter chicken lasagna. The RGE butter chicken samosas are a must-try in Brampton at only 2 for $5. It fuses one classic Indian dish with another classic Indian dish for a tasty treat.

Pie Guyz Butter Chicken Pie

The guys at Pie Guyz took butter chicken one step further and stuffed it into a pie. The flaky, buttery pie crust is infused with the flavors of butter chicken and potatoes. The butter chicken pie ($6) is a real one-pot meal.

Pizza Point Butter Chicken Pizza

This is a personal favorite. The pizza (price varies by size) is a fresh burst of vegetables and tender pieces of chicken. When you bite into the crust, it oozes the butter chicken sauce and creates a heavenly medley in your mouth. Expect green pepper, hot pepper, and red onion along with your butter chicken.

Madras Restaurant Butter Chicken Dosa

Dosa finally finds its true filling. The Madras Restaurant Butter Chicken Dosa ($11) is a treat unlike any other. Traditionally South Indian, dosa meets its counterpart the butter chicken in a crave-worthy gravy that hits the tongue both light and tart. The dosa comes with sambar (a lentil gravy), coconut, tomato and mint chutney, leaving plenty room for your own combinations.