Winds are howling, trees are falling, and there is a risk that there will be power outages tonight in Brampton. Power outages have been reported throughout the GTA over the weekend as a result of this weekend’s major ice storm dumping freezing rain in Southern Ontario.

There has already been one reported outage affecting 3,027 households in the “M”, “J”, “H”, and “N” sections of Bramalea, due to a tree that fell on a power line. The power cut off at 9:42 p.m. and power company Alectra reports that it should be back online before midnight.

Alectra also has a map that will be updated throughout the night specifically for any power outages in the Brampton area. You can check the map on its website, or check for updates on the company’s @alectranews social media handle.

The federal government has important information about what to do if your power goes out:

  • Turn off/unplug all tools, appliances, and electronics to prevent power surges when electricity is restored
  • Turn off all lights except one inside and one outside so that you and the power company knows electricity is working
  • Don’t open the fridge or freezer unless absolutely necessary
  • Don’t use generators indoors. They give off carbon monoxide, which can lead to serious injuries if trapped inside the house.
  • Listen for advice from authorities from battery or hand-crank radios (or fully charged cellphones, but you don’t want your power to run out!)

Hopefully, there won’t be more outages tonight, but if it does, Alectra asks Brampton customers to call 1-844-797-7920 to report it.