Brampton Business Owner Scores Big on Dragons’ Den

Balbir Sohi, owner of Smiles on Wheels, a mobile dental hygiene service based out of Brampton took on the Dragons Wednesday.

The show was originally taped back in the summer of 2016, and finally aired on CBC Wednesday evening. Whether an investment was received was a tightly kept secret until now.

This particular episode of Dragons’ Den was a special one. All of the participants were first-generation Canadians who spoke of their journeys coming to Canada and the opportunities the country has afforded them.

Balbir was there to ask for a $40,000 investment for 10 per cent of her business, with hopes of franchising Smiles On Wheels across Canada.

Currently Smiles On Wheels provides an affordable and convenient way for people to take care of their oral health. All Balbir needs is a parking space to make the magic happen in her retrofitted van.

The Dragons loved the idea, and were especially intrigued about the prospect of franchising the company across the country.

Currently Balbir nets well over $200,000 a year just running the business part-time.

They all listened intently to Balbir’s story and when it came time to offer a deal, the Dragons were ready.

Judge Michael Wekerle was the first to make an offer — the $40,000 for 10 per cent of the business, plus a 2 per cent royalty on all future franchises for 10 years.

Michele Romanow and Manjit Minhas also made offers, but that was ultimately trumped by Jim Treliving’s offer.

Jim, a well-known franchise baron, having experience with Boston Pizza and Mr. Lube, offered $240,000 for 25 per cent of the business and his expertise in franchising.

At more than double the original offer, Balbir didn’t hesitate and jumped at the chance to work with him.

Now that the episode has aired, no doubt we’ll be seeing Smiles On Wheels trucks across the country in no time.

Watch the full episode here