Every week, Bramptonist rounds up the interesting items on upcoming city council and committee meetings, so you don’t have to page through huge (and, if we’re being honest, tedious) PDFs and to make it easier for you to be a well-informed resident.

All meetings are open to the public (aside from items which are specifically marked as closed), and are generally held in the City Council Chambers, unless stated otherwise.

Planning and Development Committee

May 14, 7:00 p.m.
Alderlea — 40 Elizabeth Street South

This committee handles all planning and development issues and comprises all of council, except for the mayor. Generally, an evening meeting means there is at least one item on the agenda that has a mandatory public meeting requirement.

Public Meeting — Coppertrail Estates

Coppertrail Estates Townhouses // Courtesy of the City of Brampton
Coppertrail Estates Townhouses // Courtesy of the City of Brampton

This meeting item allows for members of the public to speak for or against the item, without registering in advance. 

Developer KLM has proposed a 50 townhouse unit development at a plot of land near Queen Street West and Creditview Road (page 5). While the lands are designated residential, this development is denser than expected and will require a secondary plan amendment. It will also be a condominium development. The townhouses will be accessed by a single, private road off of Queen Street West, and each unit will have two parking spaces (garage and driveway). The development will have 13 guest parking spots and one accessible spot.

Building Improvement Grant — 127 Queen Street West (Ego Salon)

The hair salon at 127 Queen Street West has applied for a grant (page 21) to remodel their interior, including making the bathrooms accessible and adding efficient lighting. The owner must finish their changes before September 13, 2019. While the grant is expected to split costs 50/50, as a corner unit, the owners can only receive $30,000 out of the expected $74,128.13 estimate. The city is funding this project through the 2015 Building Improvement Grant reserve (the city depletes the reserves of previous years before tapping into current funds).

Building Improvement Grant — 53 George Street South (proposed Pos Buenos restaurant)

A new Mexican restaurant, Pos Buenos, that has had a “Coming Soon” sign for months now may not be coming that soon. It has just applied for a building improvement grant (page 28) to renovate the interior of the unit at 53 George Street South (opposite City Hall). Staff is recommending that $20,000 of the 2015 Building Improvement Grant reserve be used towards this application. There is no deadline for project completion (likely because of how complicated the interior work will be), but the project owners must sign an agreement with the city by June 28, 2018.

Supplementary Recommendation Report — 174-184 Queen Street East

174-184 Queen Street Office Tower // Courtesy of the City of Brampton
174-184 Queen Street Office Tower // Courtesy of the City of Brampton

The city approved a 20-storey mixed-use office development for this site in 2012 in principle, with the rule being that the development had to also a receive a zoning bylaw amendment in 18 months otherwise the approval would expire. The agreement renewed once and expired in 2017.

Staff recommends this development be approved in principle again, with the new zoning deadline being June 2019.

The building would be at most 20 storeys, with commercial/retail space, and above ground parking in a three-storey podium. The remaining floors should either be exclusively office uses or a combination of office and residential. If it’s the former, the building would only be 15 floors; if it is the latter, the building would be 20 storeys. The zoning bylaw amendment would specify what type of building it will be and how many parking spots are required.

Read the Agenda here.

Brampton Heritage Board

May 15, 7:00 p.m.
Alderlea — 40 Elizabeth Street South

The BHB is a committee made of citizens and one councilor and is advised by heritage planning staff. It makes decisions on heritage and would-be-heritage projects in the city.

17-29 Clarence Townhouses

A presentation by the developer, Landmark Capital, on the proposed “Gage Park Towns” development at Clarence and Main (page 15).

Heritage Impact Assessment — 8331 Heritage Road

Heritage planning staff have found that the outbuildings at this property near Steeles and Heritage are not historically or culturally significant, and that an application to demolish the structures should be approved (page 21). The HIA has determined that while the house on the property should be protected, the value is only with the house and not the associated farm structures such as the barn. It also recommends a construction buffer to protect the house.

Heritage Permit Application — 10955 Clarkway Drive

The owner of the property at 10955 Clarkway Drive has applied for a permit, as well as heritage grant, to repoint (essentially fix gaps in brickwork that have resulted from natural weathering) the bricks and field stone foundation (page 158). The property was fully designated as a heritage site in 2016. There is also a major crack in the foundation that is two feet in length on the north wall. The owner has chosen to contract out the work to a mason that specializes in brick restoration, but before the permit and grant can be received, the city has to receive a second quote of the work by June 15 (two quotes are required for city grants).

 Read the Agenda here.


May 16, 9:30 a.m.
Alderlea — 40 Elizabeth Street South

City Council meetings are the final approval meeting for all matters of the city. Matters are typically considered finished after they are approved at council, unless opened back up with a two-thirds majority vote.


Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides is run by the Chinguacousy Lions Club. They are presenting to council in order to announce their event on May 27, and requesting that council members attend the function.

National Public Works Week is happening from May 22 to 25. There is a week full of events, including open houses of public facilities, challenges from city staff, and a United Way Food Festival in Gage Park.

JAMBANA One World Festival is moving to Brampton in August for its 10th anniversary. JAMBANA is a cultural festival celebrating African and Caribbean communities. The event will be at the Rose Theatre on August 5 and the Powerade Centre on August 6.

Summer Events in Brampton

City staff recommends that the Brampton Rib Fest, run by Northern Heat Rib Fest at Sheridan College from July 20-22, be granted a liquor permit. This event company features rib-specific vendors and craft brewers.

The Downtown Brampton BIA requested from the city a one-time, in-kind grant of $28,839.07 to support summer events in downtown Brampton. The BIA is not eligible for community grants, which is why the proposal had to come straight to council. Staff recommends that the grant be funded. The grant will go specifically towards “Party in the Lanes” (to replace Classic Cars), the Thursday Night Concert series, and vendor space for 11 businesses downtown during the replacement Farmer’s Market in Rosalea Park (the businesses that would normally have frontage during the Main Street market).

Read the Agenda here.

Cycling Advisory Committee

May 17, 7:00 p.m.
Training Room WT-2A, West Tower

The CAC is a citizen advisory committee that runs cycling events throughout the city and advises the planning committee on potential cycling and active transportation projects.

Ontario Bike Summit 2018

Dayle Laing and a member of city staff attended the summit on April 18, and will be sharing their experiences. The Province-wide Cycling Network Action plan was released to guide future cycling infrastructure and to guide grant applications. Brampton’s Etobicoke Creek Trail is part of the provincial network.

Read the Agenda here.