Brampton-based cupcake shop Cristina’s Tortina Shop is going viral for all the best reasons.

The cupcake company not only makes delicious treats, but they also employ people with Down Syndrome, Autism, and other exceptionalities–the word they use instead of “special needs”.

Shop owner Mary started the shop for her daughter who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome to create equal employment opportunities for her, and others like her.

“She’s cute and fuzzy right now, but unfortunately there aren’t any opportunities for her when she does get older,” Mary told Bramptonist in an interview. “There’s a stereotype that follows her around, so we’re looking to break that stereotype.”

The shop is pushing boundaries and actively shattering stigmas, and because of that, they have garnered attention on a massive scale. They’ve been featured on CityTVGlobal News and even Breakfast Television with Kevin Frankish, amassing millions of views and shares as they inspire people across the globe with their story.

“Our motto is we bake to advocate. What we work to do is promote the abilities of people with exceptionalities. Hopefully, companies will see this and hire somebody with exceptionalities.”

Check out the full interview with owner Mary below.