In a term of Council that has seen its fair share of infighting — between those that believe in the status quo, and those that are pushing for change — today was a winner for Brampton.

Mayor Linda Jeffrey succeeded in pushing forward a health care motion that formalizes the City’s demands to the Province to (1) close the funding gap for Brampton Civic Hospital and Peel Memorial, and (2) immediately approve the planning, design and construction of Phase two of the Peel Memorial Centre, which would make the current urgent and ambulatory care centre a full hospital.

It also tasks Brampton staff, in partnership with the Central West Local Health Integration Network (CWLHIN) and the William Osler Health System (WOHS) and Foundation, to protect the lands required for the City’s future third hospital site and report their findings back to Council.

This type of comprehensive and proactive approach to the health care crisis in our city is a testament to the forward-thinking approach Brampton has been taking of late. It’s all Brampton’s municipal government can do, considering the resources to remedy this issue lie entirely in the hands of the Provincial government.

The real shocker of the day came from Councillor Elaine Moore, the defacto leader of councillors often in opposition to the Mayor. Referred to as “the six”, as they often vote together on key issues, often in opposition to the Mayor’s agenda (let’s not forget the infamous Hurontario Main LRT debacle).

As noted by Guardian reporter, Peter Criscione on Twitter, “Elaine Moore, who has been at odds with Linda Jeffrey on many major files this term, bestowed on the mayor the title of “strongest advocate for health care Brampton ever had.” Moore adds her departure from the province has left a void on this front… I am shocked as you are.”

The sincerity of the unsolicited praise bestowed upon the Mayor was bizarre, to say the least, considering how often Councillor Moore and her followers on council have been staunch opposers of anything and everything the Mayor does, even when it’s awesome.

Have councillors finally done away with the infighting and dysfunction in favour of collaboration and moving Brampton forward with a common agenda? One can hope.

In any case, Mayor Jeffrey, and the rest of Council just had a very good day, and the health care ball is now firmly in Province’s court.