Brampton has lots of gyms, but an official CrossFit gym has been noticeably lacking from the city’s local fitness scene. Heart & Hustle recently opened its doors in the Main Street and Nanwood area, bringing something missing to the city and a new approach to the typical fitness gym.

Heart & Hustle sits inside of the Brampton Mall in a bright, airy space with lots of natural light. It’s inviting, but what will catch your attention above anything else is the sense of community that’s present.

It’s a tight-knit community focused on helping people achieve their fitness goals — no matter the level they’re at — and they do it by fostering a strong sense of belonging that keeps people motivated and coming back.

“Our passion for health and fitness, meshed with our belief in the power of community, led us to open Heart & Hustle Fitness. We want to provide a safe, diverse and inclusive space to grow a community of like-minded people,” say the owners, Ashley and Brandon.

The Heart & Hustle team is made up of highly skilled ninjas, as they call themselves, who focus on helping people meet their fitness goals through functional fitness.

Their main offerings include CrossFit, hustle classes and mobility classes. Their CrossFit program focuses on functional movements that build stamina, speed, flexibility and more. Every workout is tailored for individuals and can be done by anyone of any fitness level or age.

Their Hustle classes are a 40-minute workout designed for busy people of all fitness levels to help them get and stay fit. Meanwhile, their 60-minute mobility classes focus on stretching muscles, developing a solid core and ultimately creating better mobility.

One of Heart & Hustle’s best features is that it’s child-friendly. The facility is equipped with a sitting room for children to enjoy while parents work out. It’s nicely situated within seeing distance of the workout area so parents can keep an eye out too.

Heart & Hustle is open daily with classes starting at 5 a.m. They’re also offering a free trial to anyone interested in checking out the gym. Find out more here.