Brampton resident Mathew Hayley just broke the Guinness World Record for the most distance traveled on an indoor go-karting track within 24 hours.

Hayley spent Sunday and the better part of Monday at Formula Kartways in Brampton working to break the record, officially completing his 24 hours on Tuesday, January 23.

To break the record Hayley needed to drive 3,940 laps around the go-karting rink. He reached the record at a little over the 22-hour mark. After taking a brief break he got back into his go-kart and surpassed the record, making 4,102 laps and traveling a distance of 772.29 km.

Hayley used the marathon record-breaking attempt as a way to raise funds for Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, successfully raising over $4,500. Donations are still being accepted here.