If you go by the selection in stores, the lingerie industry considers “nude” to be only various shades of beige. However, in June, 2015, Brampton stylist Chantal Carter Taylor came up with a solution, and this past Monday she launched her company, Love & Nudes.

Carole B Eves Photography

72% of women prefer a nude tone for bras and underwear over black, white, or colours. For this reason, Love & Nudes produces skin tone nude intimates for women of colour and exhorts them: “own your tone”.

The bras are wire-free and comfortable enough to sleep in, and all of the products are soft, moisture-wicking, and incredibly comfortable.

The company is currently the only lingerie line in Canada to offer intimates for all women of colour.

Working together at Brampton coworking space LAB B, Taylor and her Director of Marketing Colleen Cole have worked long hours to make the launch a success, and their efforts have paid off.

In April, the CBC featured Taylor in a video (which you can see below) that went viral. It was filmed at a recent photo shoot, and it’s clear that not only is the product interesting, but that everyone loves it and is having a great time.

Since the CBC video, Love & Nudes has been profiled on Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, Ebony, and other media outlets.

In thinking about the absurdity of the situation, Taylor says, “your phone can start your car. We’ve been to the moon. A black man can be President. But you still can’t find a brown bra.”

Right now shipping within Canada is free when you order from loveandnudes.com, so go get yourself set up and spread the word about this forward-thinking new Brampton company.

See the popular CBC video here.