Brampton’s most controversial house is finally gone, hopefully for good.

Despite the drawn-out process that lasted 5 years, much to the dismay of those who live in the vicinity of the property, the demolition was swift.

An order came down from the lower courts to demolish the 6,600 square foot mega home at 443 Centre Street a little over a month ago.

Almost immediately afterwards the dismantling of the house began. Now, not 30 days later, it’s almost as if it never existed. Almost.The lot looks pretty bare-bones these days and is likely to stay that way for a while.

As of this writing the owner has not re-applied for permits to build something else, or indicated what he plans to do with the property. If the owner wants to build anything in the future he will have to comply with the area’s specified zoning requirements.

Meanwhile, the giant blue house is likely to go down in Brampton’s history as a sobering cautionary tale, or maybe an urban legend at the very least.