Brampton’s financial reporting beats out Toronto and other major cities

Let’s be honest, Brampton is a great place, but it’s tough to compete with Toronto when you’re forever known as the younger less cool sibling.

But Brampton’s financial heyday is finally here it seems because they’ve clinched top ranking — along with a number of other municipalities across the country — for financial reporting.

The report by C.D. Howe Institute assessed examined the financial presentations of major cities across the country by looking at their accounting methods, timelines for publishing reports and how clearly information was communicated.

Brampton, along with Calgary, Halton, Halifax and Vancouver all received an A- and ranked the highest overall.

Meanwhile Toronto and Winnipeg rank the lowest. “In addition to approving their budgets many weeks after their fiscal years have started, [Toronto and Winnipeg] provide little information in reader-friendly form,” states the report.

In recent years the City of Brampton has worked to make its budget process more transparent through consultation with the business community and regular town halls and public meetings with citizens.