A board game cafe is opening up in Downtown Brampton and the Settlers of Catan gods are rejoicing!  If you love an outrageous game of Cards Against Humanity or a lengthy game of Risk, then this is likely to be your new hangout spot!

House of Cards opens on October 2 at 10am sharp with a giant library of board games for your playing pleasure–and your squad of course. For $5 a person you can play as many games as you want.

A sneak peek at their menu shows a lineup of cafe style dishes including sandwiches and what looks like a to-die-for S’mores dip. But the best part? There’s beer! Is there a better combination than beer and board games? We think not! They’ll also be serving up cocktail-style drinks.

Details are scarce and we plan to do a full report on our findings as soon as they open! Come out to the opening on Friday at 12 Queen Street East in Downtown Brampton. There’s free parking at the Rose Theatre, John Street and under City Hall after 7pm. House of cards will be open until 2am.