As summer approaches we see that the overloaded ice cream cone trend that’s popped up all over the place isn’t waning. Food bloggers and foodies alike have had their Instagram feeds filled with tantalizing, sugar laden treats, as they seek out what’s hot in frozen desserts. Bramptonians no longer have to travel to find the same kind of ‘gram-worthy desserts.

Enter Dipsidoo Dessert Bar.

Located inside Bramalea City Centre (BCC) on the upper level by Sears, the dessert café is mostly known for its churro sundaes. This month Dipsidoo upped its game and launched the ‘Cloud’: a cone/sundae the company calls a ‘great blend between frozen yogurt, cotton candy, and various toppings’.

Seeing as it’s Canada’s big birthday year, I felt patriotic on this particular day and selected the ‘Ohh Canada Cloud’ in a cone with blue raspberry cotton candy. The toppings were a strawberry sauce with fresh strawberry pieces and Nerds candy. It was extraordinary!

Dipsidoo uses plain vanilla froyo as a base for all frozen desserts, allowing the selected toppings to really shine and stand out as fresh ingredients. The waffle cone for my Cloud was made fresh right before my eyes, and the cotton candy hand-spun while I waited. Finally, my extravagant cone was ready and I was given a spoon with which to tackle my monstrous dessert.

Honest truth? it was fun to eat and brought out some childhood nostalgia with the cotton candy and Nerds. I very much enjoyed the fresh ingredients and froyo versus soft serve ice cream, and loved that the cone was made to order.

This is not a regular treat I would get though. It’s difficult to eat, and not particularly practical snack for a mall. That said I would not hold it against anyone else ordering this magnificent creation. Just get ready for a messy situation on your hands, the cotton candy melts and drips, so keep napkins nearby.

The Cloud is also offered in smoothie form. Any way you want it, you can either pick a toppings theme or create your own Cloud from an array of fresh ingredients and candy garnishes.

I can see this little sweets spot becoming a hangout location as the days warm up and people seek cool places to get out of the heat and share a cold dessert. As froyo goes, this is not the most economical as the Cloud ranges from $7.95 to $8.25, but really, it’s more than any old boring frozen yogurt.

Dipsidoo’s the Cloud. A novelty? Certainly. Delicious? Yup. Instagram worthy? Hell yeah!


25 Peel Centre Dr.
(Upper level of the mall by Sears)