After a few months of delay, Tim Hortons has officially launched new upgrades to their mobile app that will allow customers to make orders and pay with their smartphones.

The app, TimmyMe, displays pictures of menu items that customers can customize, like asking for extra bacon, more cheese or a double-double.

The new features are expected to launch on July 27, but not all Tim’s locations will be able to process app orders right away. While the majority of locations will likely have order payment and pickup through the app, some will wait to roll out in the coming weeks.

The app’s launch has been delayed since early 2017 due to backlash from franchisees who did not feel properly equipped with the tools to deal with the new tech.

In the process of working things out with concerned owners, Tim’s was also able to study the challenges Starbucks faced when it first launched its own mobile order and pay app.

Starbucks launched its app in 2015 on the North American market, but once it started to gain popularity, customers found themselves waiting in long lines to pick up their pre-orders.

Hopefully, the Canadian coffee giant has worked out the kinks: nobody likes an early morning lineup at Tim’s.