Census Data Confirms Huge Growth in Brampton Population

Brampton is the ninth most populated city in Canada

Brampton’s population has officially surpassed the half million mark reaching 593,638 according to new census data. The city has grown by 69,732 people and 13.3 per cent in five years, based on the 2011 data of 523,906.

Brampton is officially the ninth largest municipality in Canada and the fourth largest in Ontario.

Of Canada’s top 10 largest cities, Brampton is the second fastest growing behind Edmonton, which saw a 14.8 per cent spike in its population.

This is the first batch of data released by Statistics Canada from the 2016 census based on a snapshot of time of May 10, 2016.

More data will be released throughout the year, including ethnicity, commuting times, and education statistics.

Censuses or door-to-door enumerators, were sent to all “private” dwellings in the city, including many “illegal” second-unit apartments. The population snapshot should reflect the true population of the city because of this detailed approach.

Canada’s overall population is recorded at 35,151,728.

Other interesting population facts

  • Population density of Brampton: 2,228.7 (2016) vs. 1,967.1 (2011), people per square kilometres
  • Percentage of Canada’s population in Brampton: 1.69 per cent (2016) vs. 1.57 per cent (2011)
  • Mississauga has only grown by 8,156 people to 721,599 total population
  • Peel has grown by 84,930 people to 1,381,739
    • Brampton is responsible for 82.1 per cent
    • Mississauga is responsible for only 9.6 per cent

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