Chinguacousy Hill Isn’t Actually Made of Garbage

If you live in Brampton, chances are you’ve spent at least a little bit of time on Chinguacousy Hill. For many of us, it’s the hill we all took our first toboggan rides on and learned to awkwardly master the pizza slice while skiing.

We all heard the myth through childhood, from kids and adults like, that the giant monstrous hill in the middle of our city is made of garbage. In fact, many of us probably helped perpetuate this myth ourselves.

And a myth it is. The hill isn’t actually made of garbage, at least not the kind we were all thinking.

Chinguacousy Hill is actually made of dirt removed from basements during the construction of Bramalea back in the day. It wasn’t built on top of a literal landfill with cans, plastic and other waste. Though that’s what we all picture when we think of it.

There is a hill made of literal garbage nearby though. Centennial Hill in Etobicoke was built on top of a municipal dump, and this may be where the rumor about Chinguacousy came from.

There’s an interesting conversation piece you can whip out at your next family gathering or school reunion.

And now that your world view has completely shifted and your childhood ruined…

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