Residents who have issues they’d like to report to the city no longer have to track down multiple forms and visit multiple web pages.

The city of Brampton has launched a new online service portal where residents can easily report issues all in one place.

Users can report anonymously, or create a city account. The latter allows a user to track their complaints through the system.

The portal covers major areas like parking, recreation, trees, roads/sidewalks, property concerns, litter/graffiti, parks/trails, and animal services.

Here is what residents will see when they "report a dead animal."
Here is what residents will see when they “report a dead animal.”

Examples of what can be done on the portal include:

  • Reporting dead animals
  • Reporting snow issues
  • Permission for overnight street parking
  • Paying parking tickets
  • Renting city facilities

As time goes on more options will become available. Check out the portal here.