Brampton-based retailer Arrow & Vine is bringing serious swagger to the city with their collection of products inspired by Btown.

The shop has three goals: sell unique limited-edition items made in Canada, support local artists, and make Brampton more cool.

So far, they’re successfully fulfilling all of those missions. Their tote bags, key chains, mugs, hand-made cards, and other items have all been designed by local artists.

Their first wave of products pay homage to Brampton because, as they put it, we should all stop pretending we’re from Toronto.

They’ve got 905 key chains, Btown bliss mugs, and their bee town tote bag is worth a notable mention too, because who doesn’t love a good pun?

That isn’t all. They offer other cool gift items too, especially if you’re a cat lover, and cat decor/memorabilia is totally in right now.

“[We wanted to build] a unique shop that helps support local artists by providing exclusive and limited edition products featuring their designs, and to carry an assortment of gift items from Canadian makers,” says co-founder Vanessa.

She and her partner Allison dreamed up the idea after years of traveling to Toronto to find those one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted gems and gift items.

They also saw it as an opportunity to embrace Brampton and foster a stronger sense of city pride.

You can snag Arrow & Vine’s awesome products through their website or check them out every Saturday and Sunday in their pop-up shop at Beaux Arts located at 74 Main Street North.