We’re back for another week of council and committee meetings.

As always, Bramptonist will be rounding up the interesting items on upcoming city council and committee meetings, so you don’t have to bore yourselves with tedious PDFs.

All meetings are open to the public (aside from closed items), and are generally held in the City Council Chambers, unless stated otherwise.

Planning and Infrastructure Services Committee

November 7, 2016, 7:00 p.m.
Council Chambers, City Hall

Forestside Estates Incorporated

  • 4 phase residential development west of The Gore Road
  • Road extensions of Attmar Drive and Palleschi Drive
  • Phases
    • Phase 1: 53 3-storey condominium townhouses on private roads, with 108 resident and 17 visitor parking spaces
    • Phase 2: Extension of Palleschi Drive enables 19 freehold street townhouses and 4 semi-detached units
    • Phase 3: Extension of Attmar Drive enables eight 4-storey condo apartments consisting of 176 units, a private road, and an underground 283 parking garage with 43 visitor spaces
    • Phase 4: 6-8 storey condo apartment building with 80 units, with two floors of underground parking
  • Lands are identified for high density uses in the secondary plan
  • Report on page 7

Dolomiti Estates Inc

  • SW corner of Cotrelle and Thornedale
  • Lands originally zoned for a school, but the public and Catholic boards have confirmed they don’t need the land
  • Developer wants to build 26 single detached units, with seven residential blocks to be held in reserve
  • Report on page 22

174 Kennedy Road South

  • East side of Kennedy south of Glidden Road
  • New warehouse to replace vacant industrial building
  • Seeking to raise loading door restriction from 14 to 92
  • 37,355.92 square metres of warehouse, 1,037.06 square metres of office space, 1 storey
  • 272 parking spots
  • Kennedy Road is considered a business corridor; all new developments are supposed to be a minimum of 2 storeys
  • Report on page 37

525 Main Street – Peel Manor

  • Region of Peel is proposing to replace Peel Manor, which was built in 1964
  • 14,764 square metre, 4 storey long-term care facility to be built on city land, to allow existing structure to continue operating during new facility construction
  • 37 above ground and 238 underground parking spots
  • Existing facility will be demolish once new building is complete
  • Murray Street Park to be reconfigured
  • Report on page 51

Agenda and reports here.

Taxicab Advisory Committee

November 8, 2016, 2:00 p.m.
Boardroom WT-2C, West Tower

Issues in Brief

  • Verbal update on Taxicab Committee recommendation that:
    • taxi driver training program be eliminated
    • only a driver’s abstract and criminal record be required

Agenda and reports here.

 Brampton Council

November 9, 2016, 9:30 a.m.
Council Chambers, City Hall


  • Downtown Christmas Tree Lighting – November 18, 2016
  • Downtown Christmas Market – Weekends from November 18 – December 4, 2016

Brampton Library Refresh

  • Strategic Plan 2017-2021 and visual rebranding planned
  • Library logo and branding is from 2003
  • Library has hired Hambly & Woolley to work on rebranding; H&W have recently worked on the Peel District School Board visual makeover
  • Report on page 25

Planning Recommendations

  • 45 Railroad Street zoning by-law amendment recommended to be approved (page 32)
    • One 27 storey + one 25 storey mixed use development with 387 apartments and 991 square metres of commercial space
  • 45/55/65 Yorkland Boulevard zoning by-law amendment recommended to be approved (page 46)
    • Two 12 storey + one 10 storey residential towers with 330 units to be built in phases
  • NE corner of Heart Lake and Countryside Drive zoning by-law amendment recommended to be approved (page 52)
    • 19.3 hectares of industrial lands

Agenda and reports here.

Region of Peel Government Relations Committee

November 10, 2016, 8:30 a.m.
Council Chambers, Regional HQ at 10 Peel Centre Drive

Issues in Brief

  • A report on how the Region of Peel will align strategic goals with advocacy positions on key higher order government programs (page 4)

Agenda and reports here.

Region of Peel Council

November 10, 2016, 9:30 a.m.
Council Chambers, Regional HQ at 10 Peel Centre Drive


Mississauga councillor Carolyn Parrish called Caledon councillors “twerps” last meeting. Here’s a letter from Caledon mayor Allan Thompson (page 147).


Peel 20,000 Homes Campaign Registry Week

  • Event happened the week of June 6; identified 262 homeless people in Peel
  • Campaign aims to house 20,000 of the most vulnerable homeless people by 2018
  • 30 per cent of the Peel sample were identified for high prioritization
  • Key stats of 262
    • 41 per cent are female, 58 per cent are male, 1 per cent are transgender
    • 38 per cent aged 16-30 years old, 62 per cent were over 30 years old
    • Homeless shelters and couch surfing are highly used, leading to the “visibility” problem
  • Issues with barriers to health care, and Aboriginal and LGBTQQ individuals
  • Report on page 69

2016 Infrastructure Update

  • Regional infrastructure worth $23 billion, not counting affordable housing and the police
  • Infrastructure overall rated as “Very Good” — the highest rating
    • Affordable housing = Very Good
    • Child Care Centres = Fair
    • Homeless Shelters = Very Good
    • Long Term Care = Good
    • Paramedics = Good
    • Regional Offices = Very Good
    • Transportation = Very Good
    • Waste Management = Good
    • Wastewater = Good
    • Water = Very Good
  • Report on page 99

Issues in Brief

  • An update to the public access defibrillator program in Peel facilities (page 47)

Agenda and reports here.