The demolition of Brampton’s big blue 6,600 square foot monster house has begun surprisingly swiftly.

After nearly five years of neighbourhood strife and multiple court cases, an order finally came down from the higher courts to have the house demolished within 120 days.

The roof of the home, located at 443 Centre Street in North Brampton, was removed on Tuesday in compliance with the court ruling on July 26.

Five years ago the city issued a permit for the 8 bedroom 10 bathroom home in error. It still isn’t clear how the permit was issued in error and what steps the city is taking to ensure there are no repeat cases.

As per the ruling on July 26, if the landowner wishes to build anything on the site moving forward, a new permit will need to be issued, and the building will need to comply with the proper zoning requirements for the area.

As of now the landowner has not applied for any permits and has not indicated any plans for the site.