At only twenty-one years old Arvinder Sohi has started his own inexpensive fitness company to get people in Brampton outside and moving!

Sohi started Elite Performance House about two years ago when he decided to take his love for fitness and sports to the next level. He went out and purchased some equipment hoping he could inspire people to be healthy and get fit.

Sohi is taking Kinesiology & Health Science at York University. On top of that he is working towards becoming a certified exercise physiologist.

“My main goal is to try to get people outside and active,” says Sohi.

After working at multiple commercial gyms and seeing the expensive rates Sohi decided to start something up that was a little more cost-efficient for people. Elite Performance House charges $50 a month for two boot-camp classes a week.

If you’re just looking to try something out and not make a commitment right away this is the place for you. To try one class, all you have to do is bring a non-perishable food item. Sohi donates the food he collects from Elite Performance House to Seva Food Bank in Mississauga.

Once you are in the fitness class you have access to equipment and Sohi’s workout regime. Normally in fitness classes you don’t receive a lot of personal attention. But, Sohi knows everyone’s names in his classes and helps them individually reach their highest potential.

Sohi says this is not the type of program where you sign up for 21 days and loose 21 pounds. This is about a behaviour change and trying to consistently live a healthy lifestyle.

“If you’re doing this once a week and walking an overall total of two hours a day that’s great… even walking continuously for ten minutes a day can lower your blood pressure,” says Sohi.

Right now the boot-camps that Elite Performance House run take place behind Russell D. Barber Public School on 255 North Park Dr but the location is subject to change.

There are two different kinds of boot-camps available to the community. There is an athletic training class and a women’s class. You can come to one class a week or two, it is completely up to you.

There are no age limitations on any of the classes, everyone is welcome to join! The women’s classes are perfect for anyone trying to get in shape this summer. Right now the women’s classes range in age from 19 to 45. There is even a park right beside the boot-camp so moms can let their kids play while getting in a good work-out.

Elite Performance House also offers one-on-one training for $20 per session, with flexible location options.


Want more information on dates and times?

Contact: Arvinder Sohi


Also check out Elite Performance House on Instagram: sohi_eliteph