Patio space is one thing Brampton could definitely do with more of, and slowly but surely, more and more are popping up across the city.

Wendel Clark’s, the new sports bar that opened back in xx, has officially opened their patio for the summer and it has to be one of the best locations in the city.

The new patio overlooks Garden Square where much of the city’s summer programming takes place, making it a great spot to grab a drink and enjoy all of the action.

Into the evening hours, the lights from the Rose Theatre give it a relaxing ambiance and the view of the actual theatre itself is pretty spectacular too.

A patio isn’t a patio without a drink in hand, and thankfully, Wendel’s has an extensive drinks menu with cocktails, martinis and wines. The beer selection is pretty decent too, with a few domestic, premium and specialty options. Because who doesn’t love a Steigl cider on a hot summer evening?

Wendel Clark’s is located at 36 Main St. N in downtown Brampton.