A scrumptious new shop is coming to downtown Brampton and bringing with it delicious gourmet pretzels.

The soon to be latest addition to the Brampton food scene, DasBrezelHaus, specializes in fresh, handmade, German-style salty and sweet pretzels.

According to their website, DasBrezelHaus will kick things off with a lineup of 5 pretzels, and they’ve got a little something for everyone:

Das Brezel – A traditional German-style pretzel served up salted or unsalted.
Das Philly – A Philly-style pretzel with rock salt, available plain, salted, buttered or with cinnamon sugar.
Das Boston – For the sweet lovers, this bad boy is dipped in milk chocolate and can be enjoyed just so or sprinkled with almonds.
Das Birthday – Dipped in chocolate and sporting colourful sprinkles, for those days that call for a little celebrating (which is basically every day).

DasBrezelHaus also offers their fresh and fluffy pretzels in custom flavours.

The shop is slated to open in late November in McArter Lane, which is just off Main Street in between Royal Bank and Subway.