Sue Connor, a 15-year veteran at Brampton Transit is the latest high-ranking official to leave the city.

Burlington Transit announced Wednesday that Connor would be their new Director of Transit starting next month.

In her tenure, Connor has seen Brampton Transit through some major changes, including the launch of Zum and the rapid growth of the transit system.

Connor isn’t the only city staff in a leadership role to be leaving the city. Since last September a number of staff, many in high-ranking positions, were let go in a massive restructuring.

Last Fall 25 high-ranking positions were eliminated. In subsequent rounds of the restructuring, another 55 staff across all of the city’s departments were also let go.

While Connor’s position has not yet been filed, some positions that have been vacant since the first round of departures have recently been filled.

The city just hired Rob Elliott as the city’s Commissioner of Planning, who will also bring on internationally acclaimed planner Larry Beasley, as his advisor.  Beasley’s focus will be transforming Brampton into a future-ready city.