Here’s Brampton Transit’s Deleted Mean Tweets Video

Brampton Transit uploaded a video Wednesday to Facebook for World Compliment Day of employees reading mean tweets from customers.

We’ve all had our choice words for Brampton Transit at some point, but the reality is, it’s a lot more reliable than lots of transit systems in North America. We’re all guilty of taking to Twitter to air out our grievances now and again.

But the video, though completely hilarious, was deleted, and it isn’t entirely clear why, because it was sort of genius.

On the one hand, its good to use humour to point out your shortcomings and ackolwedge a need for improvement. It’s relatable and it resonates.

Many factors come into play here. Though hilarious to many, some could easily have found the video offensive though. Brampton Transit told Bramptonist on Twitter that the video was only meant for one day. But what’s the fun in uploading such a great video for only one day?

Why it was removed will remain a mystery it seems. You can check it out below though.