Electric vehicle (EV) drivers in Brampton have lot of choice when it comes to charging their vehicles. Most people charge at home, of course, but if you’re on the go or live in an apartment where you can’t charge your vehicle, you need to know where to plug in.

Free Municipal Charging

The City of Brampton gives drivers free options for juicing up. Note that while the charging is free, the parking may not be, so look at signs when you park to be sure what you’re in for. Here’s where they are:

  • City Hall parking garage (Level P2)
  • Rose Theatre Brampton parking garage (Level 2)
  • Flower City Community Campus (in front of Building 1)
  • Civic Centre (southwest corner of the building)
  • City Hall West Tower parking garage (Levels P1 and P2)
  • Sandalwood Transit Facility
  • Williams Parkway Operations Centre
  • Brampton Soccer Centre (Solar Charging Stations)

These parking spaces are for EV and only while charging. They are marked with signs and green paint so you won’t mistake it for any other type of parking spot!

Good news: there are more charging stations coming in 2017, currently planned for the Gore Meadows Community Centre and Library, and the Springdale Library.

According to the city, it has a “commitment to environmental sustainability” and hopes these free charging stations encourage residents to get more environmentally friendly and generate less of a carbon footprint.

Charge While You Shop

Not only is the city stepping up, but Bramalea City Centre has been on the ball since 2013 with its EV charging station. It’s located on the east side of the parking garage, off Lisa Street. BCC also notes that while you are encouraged to plug in while running errands, there’s a 3-hour limit.