Canada’s peak patio season is far too short. Having a plan for making the best use of that small window of opportunity is essential, otherwise, summer comes and goes without even a happy hour drink on a good, sunny patio.

Brampton has long suffered from a lack of patios, however slowly but surely, more and more are popping up around the city. Downtown Brampton, in particular, has gotten a few new ones over the past few months, including the recently-opened Wendel Clark’s and the revamped patio at Vesuvio’s. Let’s not forget about the rooftop patio at Carve that opened last year, either.

To help you get maximum amounts of patio time in before summer is gone, here is a map of all patios within the downtown core of Brampton. All are within 5 minutes’ walking distance of each other, making it perfect for an evening of patio-hopping.