Canada’s next Prime Minister could be from Brampton. Jagmeet Singh reached a huge milestone Sunday becoming the first politician from Brampton–and first person of colour–to win federal leadership of a party. Indeed, when he runs against Trudeau in 2019 he’ll become the first person of colour to run for Prime Minister.

Singh reached another huge milestone back in 2011 when he became the first New Democrat at either the federal or provincial level to be elected in Peel Region. Since then, he’s been one of the party’s stars.

Singh gained a substantial following–including those with other party affiliations–for making worldwide news, speaking out on key issues like carding, and ensuring he’s accessible to young voters by using Snapchat and Instagram.

He leaves behind big shoes to fill, and now the party faces the challenge of finding a candidate that can have the same kind of impact, or it risks losing what has been a pivotal stronghold the last six years.

Singh’s current riding Bramalea-Malton-Gore will not exist in the new election. Brampton is set to face a complete restructuring of its electoral districts: the city will go from 4 to 5 ridings, and will no longer share one with Mississauga. Part of Bramalea-Malton-Gore will become part of Brampton East in the 2018 provincial election.

The Ontario NDP have selected Nikki Clarke to represent Mississauga-Malton, part of Singh’s old riding, but a candidate on the Brampton side has yet to be decided.

“We have a number of strong candidates that are emerging,” says Sarah Singh, a nominee for the Brampton Centre riding. “We plan to leverage the support we have built through the hardworking team we have at the provincial and federal level.”

Singh’s departure from Brampton politics won’t take too long. He will likely run in one of Brampton’s ridings in the 2019 federal elections where he will also take on Trudeau for the job of Prime Minister.

Until then, how will the New Democratic Party fare?