The City of Brampton has released a survey asking residents how they feel about the services the city provides–so now’s your chance to tell ’em like it is!

Brampton wants to hear from a wide range of residents so they can understand what’s important, what they can improve, and what’s working. Questions will be about taxes and spending, customer satisfaction, and “the single-most important issue facing Brampton today”.

A few details: the survey is available in English, French, Portuguese, Urdu, and Punjabi. You have to be 18 or over to take it. Most important of all: the survey closes on July 26.

You’ve probably got lots to say, so access the survey here. After all, our councillors and staff won’t know if you don’t tell them, so don’t hold back.

Interested in the 2015 results? You can dig into them here.