It’s not news that Jagmeet Singh (former Brampton MPP and leader of the federal NDP) and Doug Ford (Mayoral candidate) sit on two very different sides of the political spectrum. Imagine the two riding bikes across Toronto while discussing the finer points of their political belief systems.

You won’t have to imagine it for long because it’s happening: the two are coming together for a new series by TVO titled Political Blind Date.

The title of the show is exactly what it implies, a blind date of sorts. Two politicians with differing points of view spend the day on a quasi-date discussing those issues through in-depth conversations.

Every episode of the half-hour show explores different political issues. Each politician is tasked with taking the other to locations that represent different facets of the debate, allowing them to explore the issue from both sides.

In episode one a federal Conservative MP and an Ontario Liberal MP will debate the legalization of marijuana and visit a cannabis dispensary, tour a production facility and interview a recovering marijuana addict.

In episode two Jagmeet Singh and Doug Ford will meet to discuss hot-button issues like transit, cycling on busy city streets, and will visit a highly debated streetcar line in Toronto.

Episode 1 airs on November 7 at 9 p.m. EST. It will also be available at Check out the trailer below.