On May 15, in a room packed with supporters chanting his name, Brampton’s Jagmeet Singh threw his hat into the ring for Federal NDP leadership. He joined three others already in the running, and since then it’s been full steam ahead for his campaign.

The Brampton MPP (Bramalea—Malton—Gore) and Deputy Leader of the Ontario NDP, may have jumped into the race late, but you wouldn’t know it seeing the widespread support he has garnered from the public and peers alike.

According to Elections Canada’s financial reports from the party, Singh has brought in more financial contributions in the last quarter than all three of the other candidates combined. Since Singh’s official entry in mid-May and his campaign has raised $353,944

In comparison, Timmins MP Charlie Angus raised $123,574, Manitoba MP Niki Ashton received $70,124, and Quebec MP Guy Caron brought in $46,970 in contributions.

Singh has also received endorsements from MPs spanning the country, including MP Kennedy Stewart (Burnaby South) and MP Hélène Laverdièr (Laurier—Sainte-Marie, Québec).

All of his supporters claim Singh’s focus on social justice, equality, and his relatability are reasons why they believe he’s exactly what the Federal NDP needs.

There’s one more thing that makes Jagmeet Singh appealing, and it’s his ability to mobilize young voters. He’s already proven how good he is at this, having amassed support from young people in Ontario, whether they identify as NDP or not. He’s good at meeting young people on common ground — and having active and engaging Instagram and Snapchat accounts certainly helps.

Should he successfully amplify this support outside of Ontario, it puts Singh in a great position to take the big W in the race to replace Tom Mulcair.

“We need a leader who can appeal to voters of all ages, particularly young people. I believe Jagmeet can connect with a younger generation who are all too often left out and ignored in our politics. Canada is a multicultural society, and it is time for leadership at the federal level to reflect the strength of our country’s great diversity,” says MP Alastair McGregor, another one of Singh’s supporters.

Voting for the next Federal NDP Leader begins this September and will run until mid-October.