Just a little over a decade after being opened, the Brampton Soccer Centre is about to undergo a major transformation, turning it into an indoor and outdoor multi-sport facility.

As popularity grows for different sports in Brampton, the city has been working to adjust current spaces to meet those needs. A bunch of renovations are currently underway to enhance the already popular facility.

Indoor renovations

The City of Brampton has seen an increased demand for gymnasium space in the city. A semi-permanent gymnasium with a new floor has been set up in Fieldhouse D to expand the types of sports that can be played at this location. The new flooring will allow for hosting different tournaments, and it can also be removed as necessary for any other major events. 

Outdoor renovations

The outdoor section of the facility will also undergo some major changes. A new weather-proof dome will be built over one field to allow for use throughout the year. The dome will cover the field from November to April every year. A small building outdoors with washrooms and change rooms will also be constructed near the dome.

The City has strategically built the dome on the field furthest from residential streets to minimize any impact it may have on the surrounding neighbourhood.

Two outdoor fields are also being converted to artificial turf with proper lighting to extend the use of the fields to more sports and reduce the chances of rain closures.

“Residents and user groups told us during the development of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan that we need to enhance the diversity of sports facilities available across the city. The renovations at the Brampton Soccer Centre will provide more sports options at this location to better serve the community and support an active, healthy lifestyle,” says Mayor Linda Jeffrey.

When the construction at the facility is complete it will be renamed the “Brampton Sports Centre” to better reflect the new uses for the centre.