If you don’t know the name ‘N-Rimes’, you really should, especially if you also listen to Tory Lanez.

Tory, whose real name is Daystar Peterson, was arguably rap’s most sensational freshman in 2016. Dropping two brand new mixtapes at the top of 2017, The New Toronto II and Chixtape IV, it’s clear he doesn’t intend to slow down.

In 2016, Tory Lanez released his debut album detailing his ‘story’: from getting kicked out of his sister’s house in Brampton, moving into his girlfriend’s place for a while, getting a call from his record label, to now being an international superstar only to tell his haters ‘I told you’. A few important details appear to be missing from that story according to Rimes.

It is true that Tory Lanez was always confident about his potential stardom – even, some say, arrogant.  He was desperate to make it big, but as per the candor of N-Rimes as well as some locals who grew up with Lanez, he wasn’t very popular in Brampton. He was clowned quite a bit.

Amid the clowning and teasing, there was one person who fully believed in the Tory Lanez character and became his biggest fan: N-Rimes.

I was a fan – genuinely. He didn’t get a lot of love though. He was getting hated on. I stuck by him, man. I believed in the kid. Before anyone was really fucking with him I said ‘yo this guy is sick, he’s going to do big things.”

Rimes goes on to explain that Tory lived at his place in Brampton. He recorded Tory’s mixtapes for free as well. Aside from the mentor-mentee relationship, Rimes also refers to Tory as his son, creating a tight bond with Rimes’ family.

After talking to several locals connected to Tory Lanez in Brampton, both school relationships and otherwise, Rimes’ story checks out. N-Rimes discovered Tory Lanez.

After moving to Sean Kingston’s house, the relationship between the two began to take a turn. After leaving the house, N-Rimes fully supported Tory Lanez and the success he was quickly amassing. ‘I’m proud of him,” he says.

Conversations became shorter and more infrequent.

When ‘Say It’, Tory’s biggest song, came out, N-Rimes linked up with Tory to share his congratulations. Everything was chill. Shortly after, Rimes received word that Tory released a ‘diss track’ aimed at Rimes. ‘Dawg, I was just chilling with him the other day’, Rimes responded in disbelief.

Rimes wouldn’t comment on which song specifically was aimed at him, but he responded with ‘Letter to My Son’, an honest track detailing the ungratefulness he feels Tory displays. Listen to the track to fully understand the extent of their relationship.

Tory contacted N-Rimes after he released the song, demanding he take the song down. Rimes refused.

‘If it’s anybody that needs to hear this story it’s Brampton. That’s who I owe it to. This is where it all started. I met Lanez in Brampton. He lived in my house in Brampton. I recorded his first mixtapes in Brampton. People know the story. He’s from Brampton.”

After sitting down with N-Rimes and just vibing out in the studio at which he primarily records, we were overcome with the humility he exhibits. Considering the sheer investment he made in Tory Lanez during the early stages of his come-up, based solely on the talent the young MC had, and despite the drama, he is tremendously proud of the Brampton MC.

Even as he recalls the story today, he ensures not to expose Tory’s secrets and vulnerabilities. He maintains that Tory is in his top 5 Brampton artists. He treats Tory with sincerity and friendship, even if the sentiments are unrequited.

Rimes has a project available called ‘Don’t Believe the Lies’ available on SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify. He’s a multi-talented producer and rapper with a gift for engineering a nostalgic Brampton sound, a sound Tory Lanez undoubtedly built off of. We’re happy that N-Rimes is developing his ‘Living the Dream’ brand further and continuing to provide incredible music.

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EDIT: Updated after verifying details from N-Rimes.