Creativity and inspiration are powerful forces for the mind, and often the catalyst for achieving our goals. Today we’re taking a look at the creativity of Clay Fletcher, founder, and designer of Nova Supply Co.

Fletcher found his love for creating and designing pieces during his early teenage years, after fixing his mother’s old sewing machine. He created clothes that fit his larger body type, and is now doing the same for his consumers.

“I produce every piece of clothing, as well as design, package, and ship it by my hands. It’s my joy, I find peace sewing, it’s my muse,” says Fletcher.

The line is inspired by Fletcher’s everyday life and interests, with new lines released each season. The pieces are made from strictly local and organic fabrics. Sharing a hue of neutral tones, Fletcher’s pieces range from trousers to statement pieces like his recent “Rice and Peas”, pictured below. 

We finally dropped the look book and "phase 1" Check it out on our site!!

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Fletcher says about the source of his ideas, “My most recent project, ‘Raw’, was primarily inspired by my high school summer nights watching anime/cartoons. I don’t usually go looking for inspiration, but rather reflect on my past/current experiences and use that to my advantage in creating a collection or a certain piece.”

Fletcher also acknowledges a lot of his journey required assistance along the way. “It also helps that I have amazing creative friends, Calvin Cadogan who did the photography on ‘Raw’ and Raj Khurmi who let us stay with him in Ottawa, just so we can create and chase our dreams.”

The future of the line seems bright, as Nova is beginning to gain well-deserved recognition throughout the GTA. Fletcher has been featured in High Snobiety as a Toronto StreetWear Vendor, and on The Dialogue. 

It's out "pepper", check it out on our site! Love, peace, and blessings

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In the coming months, Nova Supply Co. will unveil new projects, have its first event, and try out some pop-up shops around the GTA.

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