You might be surprised to hear that going through a red light at an intersection that has red light cameras isn’t the only way you can get a ticket. Nobody wants that dreaded ticket in the mail, which is usually upwards of about $300, but just because you aren’t going through the intersection doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.

Tickets can result from not making a full stop before turning right at a red light too. MTO’s driver handbook says, “you may make a right turn facing a red light as long as you first come to a complete stop and wait until the way is clear.’

Currently 11 intersections in Brampton are equipped with red light cameras as part of a program launched in Peel Region to aid in decreasing fatal collisions in intersections. 15 intersections in Mississauga are also outfitted with cameras.

The program brings in millions a year in fines paid out by culprits across the Region.

So the next time you’re tempted to speed through an intersection without stopping before you turn right, even when the way is clear, consider the potential $325 ticket to keep you in check.

Have you ever received a ticket from making a right hand turn without stopping? Let us know in the comments below.