After the official announcement earlier this year that current NDP leader Tom Mulcair would resign, experts and political enthusiasts alike have wondered who will next step up to take the role.

An election for the leader of the New Democratic Party is set to take place in 2017, and charismatic and well-liked Brampton MPP Jagmeet Sigh seems to have already made some people’s shortlists.

Singh’s youthful style, inspirational story and care for the marginalized could bring some much-needed energy back to the Federal NDP.

But is he prepared to take run for the leadership seat? Here’s what Singh has to say: “I enjoy being a deputy leader [of Ontario] and while I’m really honoured by it, and I’m going to hear people out, I’m really excited about the opportunities I have here in the province,” in response to his feelings on being a favourite for federal leadership.

As a progressive lawyer, trend setter, and one of Ontario’s most influential people, Singh has the following and popularity to go places. His vocal empathy towards youth and ethnic groups has also contributed to this popularity.

He learns from the best too, having been mentored by the late Jack Layton himself.

Singh has neither committed to the role nor turned it down yet, a decision that likely won’t come until early 2017. The official election is set to take place between October 1 and 29.

Currently, Jagmeet Singh is the Ontario Deputy Leader of the NDP. Lucky for us, this will not change regardless of the results should he decide to run.

Watch the full segment above. Jagmeet’s remarks about federal leadership begin at 1:33.