Two Canadians have made it through the qualifiers for NBC’s elite new dance competition produced by Jennifer Lopez.

The teens are Luka, 19 and Jenalyn, 16, and they are two of the youngest Ballroom Cabaret dancers in North America.

Jenalyn, in particular, has a Brampton connection, having attended The Rock School of Music located in downtown Brampton.

The two will perform weekly in front of judges Jennifer Lopez, Derrick Hough and Ne-Yo for a chance at a $1 million prize.

Luka and Jenalyn will go up against other elite dancers from around the world in a wide range of dance genres in not only their preferred ballroom style, but also in hip hop, ballet, break dancing, tap and more.

Their performance completely blew the judges away, check it out below.

This isn’t the first time a star has been associated with The Rock School, chart-topping songstress Alessia Cara also took classes there for a time.