It is my belief that a good cup of tea, I mean a really good cup of tea, can be hard to come by.

Amazing Chai Tea N Spice is a new local cafe that passionately believes it doesn’t have to be this way. Its primary location is 20 Maritime Ontario Blvd near Airport Rd. and Queen St., with an express shop at 235 Castle Oaks Crossing. This family-run retailer has been serving premium loose leaf teas, hot and iced, to its customers since April.

The loose leaf teas at Amazing Chai Tea N Spice are premium quality. General categories are Black, Chai, White, Green, Herbal, Oolong, Wellness, Rooibos and kids teas. With over 50 flavours available in store, there is something for every tea and non-tea drinking person out there.

Choice is good, but when presented with so much choice, I panicked and kept to my go-to flavour of Creme De La Earl Grey. I did not regret this decision: it was strong, creamy and steeped to perfection.
My friend went with an iced tea on this particularly hot day, selecting the Oolong Watermelon Quencher, which earned its name. She was so taken with it she bought a 25g bag to bring home.

Not only can you buy the loose leaf teas, but the shop also has all the tea paraphernalia you need for making a perfect cup in the comfort of your own home. The customer favourite is the Caribbean Queen. There was a sample to try in store, and it was iced, sweetened and pretty damn fantastic.

Along with the quality teas, Amazing Chai Tea N Spice also has an assortment of savoury spice mixtures and meat rubs. They are as fervent about these spices as they are their teas so I imagine them to be of the same high standard.

If you’re looking for a place to consume countless cups of tea and settle in and write that great Canadian novel you’ve always dreamed, this is not that place. However, the cafe shop is cute and comfortable enough to stay and enjoy a spot of tea and a small pastry.

My next visit, already has a line up of teas I can’t wait to try. Like the Brampton Malsa Chai, Niagara-on-The-Peach, Pai Mu Tan…oh too many wonderful choices. If you prefer to know your options beforehand, check out the shop’s website for a list of some of the available teas.