Nom Noms Yogurt Bar’s Affogato is magic in a cup

Nom Nom’s Yogurt Bar & Cafe opened up last month, and it’s proving to be a pretty versatile cafe option.

Not only do they offer a giant yogurt bar with lots of flavours and toppings to choose from, they also have a cute little cafe that serves up delicious sandwiches drinks and other items.

But their best menu item yet? The affogato. Imagine the best frozen yogurt you’ve ever had. Now imagine enjoying it with a warm shot of espresso poured on top. Sounds perfect right? That’s because it is!

Not only do you now have more ways to fit coffee into your day, but you can impress just about anyone by taking them out for some affogato! They’ll also love you forever for bring this beautiful magic into your life.

They also serve up their affogato in a cute little silver dish that’ll leave you feeling classy AF.

Nom Nom’s gives you the option of choosing which of their frozen yogurt flavours you’d like, so chocolate or Nutella affogato are an option too! Consider your life complete.

Nom Nom’s Yogurt Bar & Cafe is located at 23 Queen Street E. in Downtown Brampton.